The all-new Razer Blade Stealth 13

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Razer.WolfPack, Dec 4, 2018.

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  1. Lustral

    Lustral New Member

    I guess im lucky with mine that I cant hear any coil whine … Is the coil whine under heavy load , or is it noticeable at idle ?

    I can hear crackling when the SSD is accessed , i.e via doing a Windows Defender scan , but you have to put your head to the laptop to hear it.
  2. R7412

    R7412 Member

    I don't have any when idle, but it happens on certain websites thay may be too demanding. I switched the settings to battery saving too. The noises come mostly from the keyboard.
  3. Lustral

    Lustral New Member

    All i hear from my keyboard most of the time is the cooling fans , which are set to 2600 RPM when in balanced mode. 100% no whine on mine.

    Have you checked out the 1.06 Bios released for the Stealth 2019 ? Im note sure what the new bios does as i cant find any notes on it.
  4. R7412

    R7412 Member

    So, do you think it's worth asking a replacement unit if you really don't have any coil whine?
  5. Lustral

    Lustral New Member

    Might be worth raising a ticket about it.
  6. awilson3342

    awilson3342 New Member

    I dont think ive ever heard coil whine on my unit
  7. mothydula

    mothydula New Member

    Anyone frustrated with their trackpad/touchpad?
  8. Lustral

    Lustral New Member

    Mine seems ok , but sometimes stops responding every now and then after resuming the laptop.
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  9. Same as mine. Touchpad juststops working after resume. Additionally, volume and brightness buttons don't sometimes work after resume as well. Seems to be a Synapse issue.
  10. figrin1

    figrin1 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I'm guessing that it's Synapse waiting to get an internet connection and log in. It's one of the things about Synapse that bothers me--rather than just using the internet as a cloud backup, it doesn't actually apply my settings until I have internet access.

    Does this happen when you're resuming from sleep, or only when you've been shut down?
  11. Lustral

    Lustral New Member

    Yeah I think it is a Synapse issue as well. It seems to create multiple profiles and I have to go and delete them every now and then.
  12. figrin1

    figrin1 Well-Known Member

    Ugh. I experience this as well.
  13. ronagergely86

    ronagergely86 New Member

    I`m probably lucky because my unit does not have coil whine at all. Only hardware issue is probably a bit of backlight bleed, but I can live with it.
  14. ronagergely86

    ronagergely86 New Member

    Did anyone actually install the latest Bios (1.06) and the new EC update (1.02)? What does it actually improve? Both was updated on Razer`s website on the 11th of July, 2019.,350,849
  15. figrin1

    figrin1 Well-Known Member

    Also interested to hear about this... didn't realize these had been updated again. I wonder what they're supposed to address.
  16. legend_zeratul

    legend_zeratul New Member

    I've been using dbrand for a while now - best answer for the fingerprints.. I know I'm replying way late, but well.. :)
  17. R7412

    R7412 Member

    Guys, is it safe to use the Stealth on your lap? I know it's usually not advised because the heat can damage your dong and your ability to father children, but when it's on battery, with minimum power settings (low brightness, battery saver from Windows & Synapse, etc.) and just opening chrome tabs, it stays very cool.
    Is it still not advised? What do you think?
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  18. M-S-G

    M-S-G Well-Known Member

    Also ich hab meinen fast immer auf dem Schoss. Auf dem Tisch ist er fast schon zu weit weg. Ausserdem läuft bei mir immer der Lüfter hoch, wenn er auf einer geraden Fläche steht. Ich finde es ok und auszuhalten, wenn er auf dem Schoss ist. Der untere CPU Lüfter sollte halt Luft ziehen können.

    So I almost always have mine on my lap. On the table, it's almost too far away. In addition, the fan always runs up when it is on a straight surface. I think it's ok and to endure when he's on his lap. The lower CPU fan should be able to pull air.
  19. Ddoogg

    Ddoogg New Member

    Hello everyone! I'm currently out of the US, but I had a friend pick me up an RBS2019 from the Microsoft store for $1,049 which seemed like a great deal. As I will only be in the states briefly in November, it would be a pain to take care of any RMA issues then. I was thinking of having them test a few things for me while still in the return period to make sure I got a good unit.

    What tests should we perform? How can I test for coil whine? If I have him simply boot up the computer, would the coil whine be present? Is there anything else I should test?

    Thanks so much!
  20. R7412

    R7412 Member

    Have them put synapse in balance mode with the device plugged-in, open a few Chrome Tabs, the launcher and Steam, and have them use the computer normally for a while.

    Not necessarily. I have next to no coil whine on my unit when the laptop is on battery, unless I really do heavy tasks, which I don't do on battery anyway. I usually have the lowest brightness settings, low power on Synapse, etc. So my laptop remains completely silent.
    When it's plugged-in though, I have that persisting buzzing noise. I've grown used to it and i no longer pay attention to it though, it's not a dealbreaker for me.
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