[TotW] RazerCon 2021 Predictions!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dekades, Sep 27, 2021.

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  1. Dekades

    Dekades Community Cowboy Staff Member

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    Now that we've announced RazerCon 2021 taking place on October 21, 2021, what are you hoping to see? Any announcements you're hoping to hear about? Maybe it's an upgrade to one of our products? Like and comment to share with the rest of us what kinds of goodies you'd like to see for a chance at the weekly "Great" achievement. Also, let's try to keep the conversation going. Those who participate in good conversations within the thread may get some bonus Silver.

    Visit the official page for more info, don't forget to add RazerCon 2021 to your calendar and sign up for the Grand Raffle!

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  2. piamelie

    piamelie Well-Known Member

    I'm hoping to see a wider variety of products in general, but I'm most hoping for more "cheesy" Razer loot like the Reusable Straw and T-Shirts. I'm guessing that flagship products will stay in the livestreams, so I have my fingers crossed for some less-functional, but still very cool branded swag. As always, anything RGB-related would be fantastic (how about a Razer PC case fan?)! I certainly can't wait to share in the festivities and announcements! :)
  3. TimRs

    TimRs Well-Known Member

    I want to have Razer Silver reward for participating in the event!!!
  4. magictim

    magictim Well-Known Member

    Razer Phone 3 announced!!

    I know it's joke =]
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  5. Timothy321

    Timothy321 Well-Known Member

    Really want to win a Grand Raffle!
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  6. harshgupta246

    harshgupta246 Well-Known Member

    Announcements I am hoping for ? A Premium gaming phone by Razer in RGB ofcourse. More Razer silver/ Razer loot, because why not ? Development on Razer Zephyr, hopefully governments of the world will allow them to be used in public and make us Insiders look cool :cool_: and much much more.

    Definitely looking forward to RazerCon.

    The only sad part is that I do not have a social media account to sign up for the Grand Raffle :frown_:
  7. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Razer Viper Mini Ultimate.
    And MOAR Sneki stuff :)
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  8. pancholr

    pancholr Well-Known Member

    A Razer Steam Deck?
  9. S1ndrome

    S1ndrome Well-Known Member

    I think disruptive Tech i.e. VR and AR is the way of future gaming. Some decent titles and gameplay are already starting to come out as the beginning phase of the evolution of next-gen gaming. Would love to see some Razer gear targeting the VR scene. Wearable tech in my opinion is the route all gaming and tech will be going in the coming years

    I'm also looking to some more bespoke peripherals. Like the Naga Trinity type mouse, but something that is geared specifically and designed for an FPS game, but then have the ability to also change to an MMO type mouse. The Trinity is cool and all, but maybe some more genre specific button configs.

    Maybe some Razer monitors to go up against the Alienware scene?
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  10. FaezzulFarhan

    FaezzulFarhan Well-Known Member

    I really can't wait for RAZER ZEPHYR to be officially launch ! Also I would like to see more interesting innovation products from RAZER !
  11. mozila80

    mozila80 Well-Known Member

    no indonesia in country list ?
  12. bSteakkk

    bSteakkk Well-Known Member

    more ways to earn razer silver!!!
  13. I.Nix

    I.Nix Well-Known Member

    a good pack of razer silver and some sneki merchandise
  14. SpanishReddatahead357

    SpanishReddatahead357 Well-Known Member

    I'd love some "Steam Deck" accessories.
  15. JETventureBurntUmber522

    JETventureBurntUmber522 Well-Known Member

    There will definitely be updates about Zephyr and something about sustainability-be it Sneki merch or some other program. As for hopes, crossing my fingers for more ways to earn silver, as always.
  16. dudepare01

    dudepare01 Active Member

    A larger AMD equipped Blade (15" and/or 17") and an RGB Toaster
  17. aiyionman

    aiyionman Well-Known Member

    show me more sneki snake's product line! lol
  18. urbanPineGreeninsight181

    urbanPineGreeninsight181 Well-Known Member

    A new razer headphone I hope
  19. AlphaTay

    AlphaTay Well-Known Member

    Razer Vertical Gaming Mouse.
  20. JulianKapa

    JulianKapa Well-Known Member

    Wireless charger embedded into the base of the Base Station V2.
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