[UPDATE] Razer Blade 15 ft. Intel 9th Gen processor

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Razer.WolfPack, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. Joikansai

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  2. JORG33

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    thanks man! just saved me 200+ bucks :sweat_smile:

    jst got into gaming in the pc deff my go to now in jst under two weeks :big_grin_:

    now jst have to stop my self from spending 3k+ on a desktop
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  3. Gibson7

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    nah, your english is ok and i understand you fine.
  4. JR0nin

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    Fell in love with the Cynosa pro keyboard and deathadder mouse. Which lead me to buy the electra v2 headphones and then the hammerhead ctype earphones. The product quality is the best. Became from then. Saving up for the Razer blade laptop (my first Razer laptop), so excited. Big fan! Cheers!
  5. gabrielDM

    gabrielDM New Member

    Can somebody help me?
    I can not match my orochi 2015 mouse with my razer blade 15 ", nor with my razer blade 14".
    both notebook use win10
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  6. Joikansai

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    Didn’t you see this, still not working?
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  7. EmeraldBolt

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    Ok, I've run some 3DMark benchmarks(demos only because I don't have it and neither the money to buy it atm:joy:)with the fans maxed out manually the temperature seamed to be ok like cool~warm, then I played fallout 4 (for reasons) with I don't know for what reason the fps capped to 49 and both fans manually maxed and in auto mode, needless to say that in manual mode the laptop was cooler, in automode the laptop was warm~warmer~a bit hot but nothing unbearable, but now the problems are BSOD... Internal Memory, paging faulty.. not sure if they began because once fallout crashed and then the whole system crashed (it didn't the other times.. just the game), at the moment I'm running a memory diagnostic..I hope I won't have to return it cuz I CANNOT wait another freaking week or 2(in case you're curiose to know my 3D mark's scores they were around 5900~6k in time spy and 15900~16k in Fire strike)
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  8. Joikansai

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    Benchmarks isn’t for buying, you’ll use mostly only at first week. In game crash may be caused by drivers instability, saw recently quite a lot rtx laptops users reported this, try use another older driver I think there’re 3 different drivers now for your Blade gpu. Out of box 3Dmark scores or the performance may not the best, undervolting the cpu it and use gaming mode if you want higher score.
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  9. Hi Razer peeps!

    Just got my new and first Razer laptop and wow, finally a classy well built enthusiast laptop, which I had bought one years ago...Anyway..

    Is this place the best forum to hang around with other RTX RB 15 users? I would've expected a ton more people around here sharing their tips and performance feedback...

    I was wondering if its worth keeping the Synapse software or not? I know it deals with all the RGB stuff but it interferes with MSI afterburner and its annoying me to death...well almost lol

    Also can you please tell me what kinda scores i should be getting in Firestrike and TimeSpy with an OC

    And what are your stable OC values? Thanks guys, any input would be very appreciated!
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  10. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    From synthetic benchmarks compared to my 1070maxq OC profile 200/600, I saw roughly only 10% graphics performance bump on firestrike but over 30% on timespy, so theoretically it performs way better on dx12 @higher resolution since stock firestrike is dx11 1080p and timespy is dx12 1440p.
  11. Yeah I do get that OCing on a laptop is kinda pointless but its always nice to get free performance especially when you get lucky with good silicon.

    It looks like I've got a bit of a dud GPU, my 2070 MQ is only 100% stable with +90 on the core and +600 on mem.. :slightly_sad:
    It will run ok mot of the time with ta slightly higher OC but will crash from time to time...

    In some games I'm pretty close to a full desktop GTX 1080, especially in titles that favour Turing, so its nice to see all that power in such a small and thin package.

    Its a great machine, I love it, knowing there's the 2080 MQ out there keeps me awake at night, the never ending quest and journey for more FPS....

    Yeah. I really. really need a GF.
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  12. EmeraldBolt

    EmeraldBolt Member

    soo.. I just ran Time Spy and Fire Strike again and I noticed that Fire Strike's score is increasing while Time Spy's is decreasingo_O(I downloaded the latest NVIDIA driver from GeForce Experience)
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  13. fer.geraci

    fer.geraci Active Member

    Proud owner of a white one here!

    Long story short, I used to be a MSI guy, GT here, GS there... always very skeptic of all the Razer hype. Couple years ago I decided to give Razer a shot, got a RB 14 7th gen (Kaby) - and was a bit disappointed with:
    - yellowish AUO panel, GPU throttled down, bad firestrike/games performance, etc.. After Razer made a second batch with LG screens (no bleed, good colors) and learnt how to tweak the BIOS for undervolting and disabling the GPU PCI-e cap, I finally decided to keep it. 2 years down the road, happy customer - 0 complains. The only thing that was killing me was HOW FREAKING LOUD it was, but got used to it.

    Last week I started looking at the new laptops with RTXs, tried the GS65 first, thoroughly disappointed with throttling, bloatware, screen bleed and surprisingly, bad performance. XTU was giving me the worst benchmarks and constant throttling out of the box on the CPU - GPU was performing amazingly well though.

    Today I decided to get the white RB 15 2019 RTX 2060 - I am impressed, like big time. How noiseless, cool and great it is in all respects. Nothing is perfect though, I am struggling with Synapse 3 and my razer gear (lancehead won't pick up configurations) and not a big fan of the fn layout at the right side of the arrows, but oh well, all other checkboxes are there and it is nothing i can't get used to.

    Some time ago, I uploaded some vids on youtube showing how to customize the BIOS to undervolt and disable GPU capping settings - I thought I would need to do this to lower temps and improve performance on this machine, but it is absolutely unnecessary, just using XTU, I undervolted -0.1v the core, and my stress test wouldn't go past high 60s ... ridiculous. GRANTED, hitting a lot of power limit throttling, I get it, the CPU is capped for thermals, but as long as it doesn't affect gaming, I am cool with it, not gonna jump through hoops to get just a few more frames while 90% of the time I am just working on the PC.

    Good job Razer, I was on the fence after reading horror tales of people having unbelievable high temps on the 2018 model, but this one got it right.

    Highlight (in my book)
    - Backlit symbols (FINALLYYYYY)
    - Silent
    - Cool
    - Gorgeous white
    - Excellent LG panel, no bleed, good brightness and colors.

    This on top of those things which are needless to say; build quality etc...

    Conclusion: for those on the fence, I recommend pulling the trigger or stretching
  14. Wow you got hold of a white one! lucky you man, here in the EU I have yet to seen one available yet anywhere online and I shop on Amazon for things like this for they great return policy.

    The RTX 2060 is probably the best choice and value out of them all, especially if you're coming from a 1060 setup, it sure is a big jump in performance. For me I had an Asus Scar which had a full 1070 so the 2070 MQ isn't really so much of a jump but it does pull ahead nicely at 1440p.

    But just for the built quality and design I think its worth the money and I'm glad to be a Razer Blade Owner, I'm just tinkering with the idea to go ahead and grab the 2080 MQ... we shall see...

    Can you elaborate regarding Razer limiting the Turbo Boost on the CPU? I watched a review this morning here: And the guy also mentions Razer has a custom Turbo curve to stop the CPU thermal throttling, but does that effect performance in games? Is there a way of changing it with XTU or is baked in the bios?

    I have a pretty decent netbook cooler and an XTU -.125mv undervolt so I'm pretty sure it could handle performing with all the Turbo limits maxed out.

    Anyway its good to know you're stoked about your new rig, enjoy!

    PS: Care to share some 3DMark results, Firestrike and TimeSpy? Would like to see how it compares to my 2070 MQ setup. Thanks!!
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  15. Derek712

    Derek712 Active Member

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  16. SonicTheWebHog

    SonicTheWebHog New Member

    I'm glad to see the 2060 but was hoping for some sort of 9th Gen CPU. Right now I'm trying to decide on whether or I should purchase the 2060 with the 8th gen chip or try my patience and wait for the 9th Gen processors to be released. I was also a little disappointed I'm probably going to have to opt for the 512GB and there no longer is a option for the 2nd drive (at least as far as I know there is no way to add a gaming/storage/data drive) along with the boot drive.

    Anyone know about the 9th gen chips or the option to add a 2nd drive later? Those two are the only thing keeping me from looking at Asus Laptops. I'd like to stick with Razer but the 2nd drive might be a deal breaker for me.
  17. fer.geraci

    fer.geraci Active Member

    You got it, here are all the benchmarks I have available right now.

    The CPU is power-capped, which is not necessarily bad, because it doesn't dip, it just doesn't get up to 100% turbo capable speed all the time, which translates to cooler temps, and consistent speed, no FPS drops. You can see this in the XTU stress test, the frequency is consistent at full load, and so are the temps, i believe it peaked at 70 lol - I only undervolted -0.1v, no GPU overclock.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Time Spy




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  18. Really great in depth review. I need to go back to it with more time and get back to you on a couple of things if that's ok.

    I think you're spot on regarding the keyboard, if only the keys had a couple extra mm of travel it would be a great improvement but more importantly that arrow key right next to the shift key is really a terrible idea and a complete design flaw imo.

    So thanks for pointing out your tip using synapse to change the arrow key into a shit key, genius! I'll probably also use a few Hypershift combinations for shortcuts. Yeah I thought these were great tips so thanks again!

    Do you write regularly for outlets as a freelance ?

    Right I'm off to have a play with Synaspe and fix that stupid arrow key! :)

    I'll be posting some of my scores of my RB15 2070 MQ, I find the differences with 2080 MQ to be a little.. strange and interesting?

    PS: It really sucks that Razer only upgraded the chroma lighting on the Fn keys only for the US keyboard, so us folks in the EU for example still don't have them backlight. Thanks Razer.
  19. Krighton.

    Krighton. New Member

    I just ordered the Advanced RTX 2080. I'm drooling. I got Anthem for free too. I hope the "Preparing my order" doesn't take long. I've not had a gaming rig for nearly 2 years.. I'm aching to have fun again.

    Hope this machine works out of the box.. always wanted one.. ever since the first Razer Blade was announced.
  20. You definitely chose the right time to order a Razer machine, they've never been so close to being almost perfect, this is their best Blade 15 so far.

    The keyboard needs more travel and the up arrow key is in the wrong place but that's about it, its still a pretty good keyboard and I encourage people to use the tip in @Derek712's review and remap the key using the Synapse software, which by the way is one of the better implementations of a control software I've seen so far from an OEM. I normally uninstall that kind of stuff.

    Its pretty powerful, if you like RGB its a tweakers paradise and it runs without taking hardly any cpu resources.

    The 2080 MQ will rock all your games so have fun!
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