Updated: Tartarus V2 - D-pad switches failing (3 devices failed in < 7 months)

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Signet145, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. Signet145

    Signet145 New Member

    **Update 7/12/18 - 3rd device just failed with same issue (d-pad button). See my new post below for the details.**

    Hi - I'm not certain if this is the right place to post this, but I'm hoping to bring attention to a quality control issue on the new Tartarus V2 Chroma d-pad switches in the hopes that it will get fixed in a new revision of the product.

    the d-pad micro-switches are failing way too fast (~1-2 months of use).

    After a bit of research, I'm 99% certain I found the switches that are being used (http://www.kailh.com/en/Products/MS/MN/389.html), which claim to be rated for 3 million clicks. There are 4 of these switches (one for each direction on the d-pad) on a little daughter board inside the device.

    1. First Failure (JAN '18 - mid FEB '18, ~1.5 months) - the "right / east" d-pad button fails. Switch starts to stick in-game and loses it "clicky" sound. Received a replacement device in early MAR '18
    2. Second Failure (MAR '18 - mid APR '18, ~1.5 months) - this time, the "down / south" d-pad button failed, but in the exact same way. The microswitch just physically dies and stops 'clicking'. You can see a video I uploaded to the support team below to see / hear what I mean. Received replacement device near end of APR '18, early MAY '18.
    3. Third Failure (MAY '18 - mid JUL '18, ~2.5 months) - same failure, this time back to the "right / east" d-pad button. Going through RMA process, yet again...and hoping to find a way to bring this to an actual product designer / engineer's attention to see if they can improve switches or product design.


    I use the d-pad as my main movement keys in games, replacing my WASD...so they do get a lot of continuous use. That said, I've always played this way and my previous Tartarus / Nostromo devices have never had this issue. I've been using these gamepads for over a decade, since the original Belkin days and have owned ~9-10. I was super excited when Razer announced the new Tartarus V2, especially since it went back to the old d-pad style instead of the single "cylinder" approach, which isn't as accurate for movement. I actually love this new device, but I'm afraid the switches they chose for the d-pad...or perhaps the design itself...needs to be looked at a.s.a.p. for failure modes. I've had two fail, in the same way, in under 4 months...and have never had a single previous device fail in over a decade's worth of use.

    *edit: cleaned up YouTube link*
    *edit #2: added details of 3rd failure (7/14/18)
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  2. klaus-l

    klaus-l Member

    From this description, I believe, that the component or it's construction in the Tartarus V2 is not very good.
    Would be fine to get an official statement from Razer, if it`s a geneal problem, or only a specific charge, or ....
    Did/Will Razer change something in production ?
    (I know, it's difficult for the company, but would increase reputation).
  3. Madholm

    Madholm New Member

    As if the synapse 2/3 thing wasn't enough of a reason to return my tart v2..... thanks for posting about the shoddy quality of the switches. I use my dpad for movement so this is a huge problem.
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  4. Tensen67

    Tensen67 New Member

    I've had the exact same thing happen to my first unit. Amazon replaced after 2 months of use. I'm on my second one now and have had issues with the dpad "sticking". I press up and the movement key seems to be stuck in that mode until I press the same key again.

    I'm hoping razer comes up with a quick solution, I've had the same keypad since the old Belkin days as well.
  5. Signet145

    Signet145 New Member

    Well, the saga continues. As of tonight (7/12/2018) the 3rd device just died with the same failure (d-pad right button is now sticking). Seems to be pretty consistent at about 2-3 months of use before failing:

    • 1st Tartarus V2 received (JAN '18) ---> the "right / east" d-pad button fail in mid-FEB (~1.5 months)
    • 2nd device (replacement #1) received early March '18 ---> d-pad failed 4/14 (~1.5 months)
    • 3rd device (replacement #2) received end of April '18 ---> d-pad just failed 7/12 (~3 months)
    • Sigh...
    I'm sure I'll have to go through the whole return process again and upload a new video, etc. When I do, I'll update this post with the new vid & any details of the experience.

    I wish I could just buy a few of these switches myself and fix it (it's a simple daughter board and solderable). If anyone knows how to find the switches I linked above, LMK :).
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