What would you like to see next from Razer?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mltan, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. alexanmdv

    alexanmdv New Member

    Create some new headphones for gym dudes or something more specific for sports.
  2. zAppledot

    zAppledot New Member

    I would love to see Razer support mac again. Long time Razer fan but with the lack of mac support i am forced to look at alternative options.

    Any news on if Synapse 3 is coming to Mac?
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  3. Jixil

    Jixil New Member

    Hell, I'd love for them to support Windows first. Synapse is still shit and fails as often as it works.
  4. QueenDoodle

    QueenDoodle New Member

    Membrane keyboard keycaps. Can't find any online for my Cynosa keyboard, would be easier to replace my keycaps than a whole keyboard lol.
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  5. Liberty75

    Liberty75 New Member

    I did post this somewhere else, but it seems appropriate to post it here too, given the thread title.

    How about some "classic" Razer product releases?


    - 19 programmable button wired NAGA along the 2014/2016 design, but with updated internal hardware inside.

    - The old Blackwidow keyboard with the five left side macro buttons on it.

    - The 2013 or 2016 Chroma Tartarus with basic plastic hand-rest, but again, with updated internal components (Nostromo hand controller?).

    - etc.

    You saw what happened when Blizzard released Classic World of Warcraft: it was wildly popular. I bet there is a market for "classic" peripherals too. People are nostalgic and these products are already essentially developed and they weren't as intricate as some of the current products so the costs of production and thus the prices can be kept low and appealing.

    This would satisfy players that would love an updated version of their favorite peripherals and also profit Razer at the same time. A win-win for everyone. If successful, Razer can launch a classic line every 5 years or so.

    Just an idea. Thanks for reading!
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  6. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    No, they've abandoned it.
  7. jrmoorejr

    jrmoorejr New Member

    I would like to have a Razer 17” Laptop Messenger bag that fits the 17” Razer sleeve.
  8. Razer 15" 1440p OLED powered by RTX 3080ti
  9. cemsengul

    cemsengul New Member

    Also a Razer 17' 1440p OLED Powered by RTX 3080ti
  10. __David_

    __David_ New Member


    I would really like to buy the new Deathstalker v2 Pro TKL, but I don't like that it's wireless. I mean there is a wired variant, but it's not TKL, so I don't like it either. Would it be possible you bring out a Deathstalker v2 TKL (wired and TKL)?
  11. VoDkAvi

    VoDkAvi New Member

    A Razer Tartarus with the same linear red switches as the Huntsman mini. Also a revision to the keycaps. After comparing pressing keys on both of those, the Tartarus caps feel too flat.

    I almost want to switch to my keyboard but am too babied with the one handed keyboard.
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  12. A solution to the thin laptop cooling problem... my 2022 Blade 15 Adv is a thermal-throttled space heater. ;)
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  13. leeuniverse

    leeuniverse New Member

    I would like to see the ACTUAL "DeathStalker" come back, but in Mechanical form (instead of Membrane) and improved otherwise such as with a soft non-sweaty Hand Rest, as we've been requesting for YEARS, instead of this unusable for me and many like me "low-profile" monstrosity (aka v2) that IS NOT a "Chicklet" Keyboard as the original DeathStalker design IS...!

    Especially when you already have low-profile keyboards, such as the "Ornata v3" (yes different but still similar).
    But, I don't expect you to actually care about our needs, since you entirely IGNORED our requests on bringing back the Deathstalker, and instead STOLE the name and put it on an entirely DIFFERENT keyboard design.

    See here for my FULL thoughts on the subject...

  14. LurchUSA

    LurchUSA New Member

    A return to production for the
    Razer Orbweaver Chroma Gaming Keypad.
  15. jm1002

    jm1002 New Member

    I would like a service where you can locate your laptop or at least block all systems when reported it is stolen.
  16. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    There a bunch of apps / services, that you can locate your laptop or other device.
    I've used Prey (preyproject.com) in the past with success. Dunno if they still have free tier, but even paid - it's worth.
  17. parkfrontOlive932

    parkfrontOlive932 New Member

    I have one suggestion and one suggestion only, we need a new version of the Wolverine controller (6 button version) and it absolutely NEEDS to be able to overclocked to 1000hz, being a company centred around PC gaming I know you guys must be able to do that, PlayStation controllers can be oc’d to 1000hz so I’m sure you guys will have no problem with it, I honestly thought your controllers would already because you have mice that can, so please, I’m begging, us PC controller players need that 1khz and currently that is the only negative I can give about the controller, other than that, every other aspect is far superior to everything else I’ve used

    Things I love from your already existing mice, and that we’d love to see in upcoming Naga mice!
    • 4 directional wheel
    • 3 Swappable side plates (Add a fire button/sniper button in the FPS side plate. Most FPS mice have one nowadays, even your Basilisks!!!)
    • Hyperscroll
    Features that are NOT in your mice and we’d love to see in upcoming Naga mice
    • A ring finger button! This is a must-have feature, in my opinion. The only mouse with a ring finger button so far is the Logitech g600, and it’s a very outdated model from a decade ago. I think that, if you use your new technologies (like the ones listed earlier), you could come up with the ultimate MMO mouse! Why is this feature so important? Because it lets you easily activate Hypershift. In other Naga mice it’s really hard to use Hypershift because you only have one thumb and you need to press two buttons at once with it. But with this ring finger one, you can have independent control over your thumb because your ring finger will be the one activating Hypershift

    • Different textures and shapes for the side buttons! I specially like the dual panel of the g600, it’s really easy to identify each button. Or the different textures/patterns in corsair mice. I think this is a way to make the buttons faster to identify
    Extra features that are not that important but will improve quality of life
    • More Hypershift profiles: right now we only have the default profile and the one with Hypershift. But what if we could assign another button to a third profile? So, Hypershift 1 button and Hypershift 2 button that could be rebinded using Synapse. This could come handy for things like rebinding the scroll wheel to scrolling (default), change volume (Hypershift 1) and change brightness (Hypershift 2)
    • Extra customisable plates: we already have customisable left side plates, but what if we had even more, to adapt to all users?
      • For example, you could do a right side plate with ring finger button and one without buttons (just rest), and even one with ring finger button AND pinkie finger button (for the two Hypershift buttons if you end up adding that feature)
      • Or you could add back plates!!! These would be useful to make the mouse bigger or smaller for different kinds of hands. Basically something like this. Although this last feature is not that important in my opinion.
    EDIT: it would be amazing to have two buttons by the left click (like the g502). But i think this feature is more fitting for the Basilisks
  19. Liberty75

    Liberty75 New Member

    Simple. Re-issue the wired 2016 NAGA Chroma (RZ01-01610100-R3U1) with the 19 programmable buttons. Great mouse. Durable. Keep it simple.

    No removable side plates.
    Buttons that don't double click on a single click.

    My multiple Trinities all have issues. I'm a Razer fanboy, but you guys are pushing me toward trying another brand. I'm not buying another Trinity and I'm not buying a NAGA with less than 19 programmable buttons.
  20. Theinvoker78

    Theinvoker78 New Member

    Make a fusion of the new low profile keyboards and the blackwidow v3 mini
    i don't care if it will be a deathstalker mini or a new blackwidow low profile....but just make a 65% (75% even better but not fundamental) low profile keyboard (wireless..this could be obvious since i mentioned 2 wireless keyboards)

    Naga's 12 button side panel should have rubber buttons like the vey old 2012 naga (best mouse ever compared to the release year). with this plastic buttons my grip is not firm and the buttons are too easy to press by mistake
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