Windows driver foundation 100% cpu usage when using razer synapse 2.0

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by rozemrowkiwibratordodupk, Dec 22, 2018.

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  1. Arcite520

    Arcite520 Member

    Sir! We applaud you! /clap
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  2. eiad999

    eiad999 New Member

    I've been using the headset without the software for a while. I recently reinstalled Razer synapse and realized how much terrible the sound is without it!
    The headset is also uncomfortable and hurts after being worn for a long period!
    I have Razer huntsman and I'm extremely satisfied with it, but I'm NEVER going with a Razer headset again...
  3. SpiderCarnage

    SpiderCarnage New Member

    Am I the only one who thinks that not a single Razer employee ever opened that forum after its initial setup ?

    Honestly, Razer has the BY FAR worst customer support I have experienced in my whole life.
  4. rajab0v

    rajab0v New Member

    I Might have a temporary solution that will let you get the benefits of razer synapse 2 without it being open and it works 100% with me,

    I have Razer Electra V2 USB and I was suffering from the high CPU usage from razer synapse 2 and windows driver foundation whenever I open Synapse 2, and it disappears when I unplug it from my computer or force end task for the razer synapse application
    All what you have to do is:

    1. Open Razer Synapse 2.
    2. Do whatever settings you want to do with it for your headset and your microphone.
    3. Under the headset picture press on "sync now" link.
    4. Put Razer Synapse 2 on offline mode ( this is the most important step).
    5. Go to task manager, find Razer synapse (32bit), select it and press end task.

    BoOoOom,:big_grin_::big_grin_: it works! you still can get the benefits now from Synapse without it being open now, and also the CPU Usage now is 0%.
    I've made sure that this works by playing with the equalizer and make the sound feels odd then i've done the steps above and it works.

    Please try this and let me know the results, This should work until Razer Co. makes a solution for their shitty software.

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  5. DimitrisPot

    DimitrisPot New Member

    Did anyone try to install an older version of Razer Synapse?
  6. passghost

    passghost New Member

    I wonder if they're using our computers to bitcoin mine with. Nothing else explains that high of usage other than something trying to make optimizations to the hardware. Which it indicates NOTHING about. Razer has been leaving large clumps of people alone in the dark on many issues for years. It was the same with their legacy devices. 0 support. I really wouldn't put it passed them that they're stealing our cpu bandwidth for profit at this point. I have this issue and don't even own digital headphones, nor have the enhancement app. The problem is perpetuated through WMI Provider Host and isn't permanent for me. As time goes on it will throttle anywhere from 15-50% with a i7 4790k. Absolutely absurd for a peripheral controller. Their claim about being unable to reproduce the issue has to be a downright lie, as this is easily detectable. REMEMBER THIS WHEN BUYING YOUR NEXT DEVICE. It's obvious they'll never invest a proper amount in research and support, and will always end up cutting corners when it comes to backing their product. Hence the cost of the Legacy Diamondback at the moment. Look it up. They know it's their hottest mouse, but they simply refuse to reproduce it as they're too lazy to pay attention to their own market feedback. Don't get me wrong, I buy the products because they are beautiful. But every time I hear that CPU throttle up an check my tack manager, there it is making me question my decisions as a consumer.
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  7. passghost

    passghost New Member

    I tried to correct the spelling on "tack" and got this..... Kinda proves my point. [​IMG]
  8. passghost

    passghost New Member

  9. passghost

    passghost New Member

    I've been messing around with this for a week now. After doing a fan optimization the usage seems to have gone down. It's an Asus performance rig and comes with AI cpu software. Last time I did the optimization was before the Razer install. I've seen it throttle down before, as of now it just seems like hokey superstition and it'll ramp up later. I'll report back if it does.
  10. passghost

    passghost New Member

    Nope, no dice. Back up to 50%. It's not doing nothing. >.>
  11. SpiderCarnage

    SpiderCarnage New Member

    The problem (at least for my case) is, that it doesnt reven have to do with synapse 2/3 itself but with this freaking gamemanagerservice. Which I personaly never use and never will. And you cant even disable it.
  12. passghost

    passghost New Member

    GameManagerService IS part of Synapse, and yes it's due to something faulting repetitively. Here is a screenshot of the Event Viewer showing exactly that happening while activating WMI provider host. This is DAMAGING CPUs.

    CPUs ain't cheap, and being able to prove it's their software causing the degrading hardware doesn't bode well for them.
  13. passghost

    passghost New Member

    Oh that is why, they were working on a toaster....
  14. PCGamer231231

    PCGamer231231 New Member

    Omg literally the same problem happens to me too every since I bought Razer Electra V2 USB very recently.
    And checking back the old messages here It seems that they do not fix this for more than half a year!!!
    THIS IS CRAZY literally paying for something you can't use It In the way It should..

    Also try going Into games with synapse ON eating your CPU your PC will literally freeze very fast and you will need to restart It everytime to use It again.
  15. amaterino

    amaterino New Member

    Let us wait for the windows 10 feature update 1903 coming this month. High chance of this being fixed through that. In the meantime we can spit on the people responsible for what is happening
  16. hamlet2k

    hamlet2k New Member

    I'm having the same issue, I've recently purchased the razer nari ultimate, turret xbox edition (mouise and keyboard) and I had a tartarus 2 already. I'm getting mu PCU fully consumed by razer synapse? are you kidding me?
    I have a 9900k @ 5.1Ghz with a RTX2080ti. Are you seriusly telling me that a wireless keyboard will bottleneck my system?
    I cant believe they answer this to you. These people is completely unreliably. Annotation 2019-05-11 224749.png Annotation 2019-05-11 224856.png Annotation 2019-05-11 224937.png
  17. Arcite520

    Arcite520 Member

    At last! After so many months of dread and struggle..(since december 2018) i finally manged to fix it ! [details in here]

    Thank you Razer for all the support. Great team!
  18. hamlet2k

    hamlet2k New Member

    mmm details where?
  19. Kryaak

    Kryaak New Member

    Before, i'm sorry for my english ( don't bash me, correct me i'm french ;) )
    After I just try to help :)

    Same problème here. After a long day and hours to find why i crash in my game... I Found this process at 100% : WMI provider host. Started by razer gamemanager services.

    In my case, synapse try to find all my instaled game (gamemanager service ? :) :) )

    I just reinstall synapse with no addon (no cortex etc no hue, etc ... ) i'm pretty sur the problem is from cortex.

    I hope this message don't broke your eyes (my english) and help you.

    Cya :=)
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  20. npapanik

    npapanik New Member

    Windows 10, 1903 the problem continues!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more Razer for me anymore.
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