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Huntsman Mini FN keys remapping and commands

  • 14 October 2020
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Hi all.

I've just received my beautiful new Mercury Huntsman mini and am trying to add the num pad keys to a fn shortcut but have no idea how to do it.

I've done the usual searches but nothing obvious is coming up.

Is there a list of fn shortcuts anywhere that will help me remap some of the keys?

Thank you.

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4 Replies

Hey just got my Huntsman Mini as well.. figured this out while poking around Synapse 3. There should be a manual somewhere but I can't seem to find it either. Anyways:

  • To remap keys you have to install Synapse 3 on your PC.
  • Go to the Keyboard tab or select your connected Huntsman Mini keyboard under Devices in the Homepage.
  • The image of the keyboard should appear. (If not click on the CUSTOMIZE on the top left)
  • Below the keyboard there should be a button with "Standard" on it.
  • Click on it, it should turn orange with "Hypershift".
  • Click on any keys on the keyboard image that you want to remap. Some of the keys will be locked for the default.
  • A side bar should appear on the left and you can customize to anything you want available there.
  • For num pad stuff, go to Keyboard Function, click on the first dropdown and select Numpad. In the second dropdown, you can then choose the exact button you want.
  • Click Save. That key should turn orange.
  • To use the new rebind hypershift key, you have to hold Fn button and press that key.
Absolutely amazing.

Thank you so much.
no problems. Just another tip, I've actually tried creating a new keyboard profile (under Keyboard, above the image click on the 3 dots, click Add) where I've remapped some of the Standard Keys to the Numpad and Arrow Keys. Then Added a Fn + M on both the Default and New Profiles to Switch Profile between the 2.

I've also created custom Chroma Lighting Profile for both, so that under the Switch Profile setting you can also set that specific Lighting profile as well. This way you can use the entire keyboard for remapping and get the mapped Keys to light up accordingly. As the Hypershift function is rather limiting.
Just astounding!

Thank you again, I can see this coming in really handy.