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I replied to another thread, strangely my eyesight must be playing up I thought it was this thread. Anyway, I installed an update for Synapse/Huntsman at the weekend and since then after playing a full day of Destiny 2 I've not had an issue the keys ghosting. I'm not saying it's fixed but so far so good, will keep an eye open and see if the issue raise's it's head at somepoint.

*no issues today after an hour or two of D2/Borderlands.
If anyone still have the keyboard and cant fill a refund, just call ur bank/fill a paypal dispute

They wont fix anything, i even gave them the chance to make a proper refund and i never got response after sending the keyboard back, wich also cost me some extra money, and the cherry on top is that they failed to pick it up at least once from what i can see on the tracking.

I will never buy anything else from the razer store, at least amazon support is actually existent.
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With the recent round of updates I've not had a single key ghosting issue and no problems in games at all, everything appears as it should.
Same problem 😕 . I thought there was a problem with my PC, but ITS NOT. I searched for info in Google. I have found NOTHING. Finally I get here.
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Can the USB cable be removed? Not concerned with wireless... Just want to be able to switch boards at will...

Hola, te entiendo completamente y la solución es entrar al device manager, y buscar xbox 360 controller. Que así es como esa parte del software detecta el movimiento analógico del teclado. Cuando quieras jugar con mando y no funcione, solo desactiva ese device, aveces necesita in reboot. Y ya podrás usar el mando pero tus teclas ya no serán analógicas.
when i press the dual activation thing it still pressed the first activation point

this is not a hardware error its you guys error

the dual activation

but you guys cant make it work becuase the laser analog switches are not reliable in my opinion

because of the key wobble

and if the keybaord has hardware problems

befcause when i dual activate this alt+q at point 1 then w at point 2 it still has the alt+q key being pressed so when point 2 activates its also activatin as alt+q+w

and it should have rapid trigger just like wooting 60he wooting 2he
The only issue with this keyboard is that the virtual XBOX 360 controller takes over completely disabling other controllers on the system.
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I brought huntsman TE not V2 can I do adjustment in actuation?

Only the Analog can recognise a longer keystroke for the 2nd function.
Looks cool
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gonna learn and get used to new analog keyboard style.
Great keyboard.
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The extra Audio buttons has been so clutch and handy. loving em on my keyboard !
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Razer Huntsman analog, but isnt the optical switches faster than this?
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So, it still needs 2 USB-A to supply the electricity..... Not friendly to laptop users
I have just got my kb and cant use controller while having my kb plugged in is there any way around this
But what can one do?
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Hmmm will wait for the wireless.

Perfect Idea
At this moment there is no new firmware update. In my case keys activate/disable bbyitself or when they are pess few times with or without synapse was the same this indicate bord issue ;/ In your case it can be softwere. Try to reinstall the driver in windows and clean install synapse also make reset of profile in synapse.
1)Remove synapse from pc then go to ptogramfiles and programfiles(x86) remove Razer folder. Click on search bar and type "%AppData% and press enter go to local folder and remove Razer dolfer there.
2) Windows driver you find in "windows device menager" when you delete the device cheack box remove everything and then click ok. and reboot pc
3)Download new freash copy of synapse and installl it. When it finish go to settings top left corner "circle icon" then reset tab and press reset on keybord. Cheack if you still have issue.
If this dont help try using keybord without synapse for few houres to be sure there is no issue without it. Good idead will be also cheack on diffrent pc.

45g 1,5-3,6mm

Hello My Friend,

Thank you for your reply. I have done Clean Synapse reinstall like 20 times already and did Windows Reinstall two times. Nothing helps.. If Synapse is on my keyboard do this sticky keys mess all the time. Only one solution I have at the moment - just disable Synapse and enjoy. However it makes Synapse application completely useless for me and without it I can't use any macro on the keyboard.

I have very mixed feelings about this product to be honest. The keyboard is very nice, stand is great, RGB is good, however amount of Synapse software issues makes it just useless to have enabled.

Thank you and have a good day.
Given that I bottom out almost every time this really isn't made of folks like me, however, this is still a really cool keyboard and I just hope that they can somehow make a tactile variant.
im only missing keyboard i now have Kraken X headset, and Viper mini cant help liking both cause they sound good and the mouse fits my hand and super light! hoping to get this keyboard soon!
Nice work...
If i haven't buy an Balckwidow Elite , this is the keyboard to choose...
It's a beast, we will wait for wireless
Just bought a Viper Mini, and super excited and happy with it as I finally found a gaming mouse that fits my small hands without compromising on performance. Now I can't wait to see a Viper MIni 8K!!!

Enter a higher dimension of control with the new Razer Huntsman V2 Analog—armed with our new Razer Analog Optical Switches for the finest degree of control and variable points of actuation to ensure optimal precision when it matters the most. Ascend to analog.