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like this simple design.
My wallet is crying at the price of this....
When will be release the portuguese layout???
One thing that Razer is forgetting, is that, are people like me that uses this keyboard for work, and we need our language layout, we can't find many Razer's keyboards with portuguese layout...
I'm in a middle of RMA refund because of that...
Think about it Razer...

I have gone through two Huntsman V2 Analogs due to keys acting as if they’re being held down, when they’re not. If you remove the wrist rest from they keyboard, supposedly this resolves the issue. I have done so and haven’t had further issues but would like to see if anyone else has similar results.

Does it happen without software installed?
Im looking to get this keyboard but if it happens when you just use keyboard without software i will dodge v2 analog and stay with huntsman elite.
I love everything about my new Huntsman V2 Analog but.... the sticking keys issue is an absolute deal breaker and I am returning it today. I have had the keyboard 2 days and have experienced the issue 3x already. Maybe I will buy it again when Razer finally addresses the issue. Having people send videos when all they have to do is look at their own forums and Reddit is ridiculous. I thought $250 would be a major upgrade over my Blackwidow Elite (orange), I was sadly mistaken. The features are amazing but this flaw is impossible to overlook. I am really bummed to be returning it, I wanted so bad to find a fix online. Feels like I bought the car of my dreams with a defective steering wheel.

Please fix your Synapse/optical switch issue.
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Finally !

What I though was missing in the Hunstman serie was the USB passthrough.

Enter a higher dimension of control with the new Razer Huntsman V2 Analog—armed with our new Razer Analog Optical Switches for the finest degree of control and variable points of actuation to ensure optimal precision when it matters the most. Ascend to analog.

Razer please I beg you, make mechanical keyboard with 5 macro keybinds on left side of the keyboard like blackwidow V2 or I must buy keyboard that isnt razer 😞
Bad keycap, bad driver

it's nearly perfect, except it is not a wireless keyboard :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_:

wired is ALWAYS better/faster Have you seen the speeds of usb-c compared to bluetooth?
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Hello Everyone!

Hope you all good. I got my Razer Huntsman V2 Analog few weeks ago and it's lovely keyboard, however one thing drives me crazy with it. I have sticky WASD keys when Synapse is enabled and it's very upset thing. Yesterday I got died on Sapphiron 40 man WoW classic raid just because my keyboard decided she want to move right without my will:big_grin_:. When I told the reason why my character left safe spot behind ice cube - whole 39 people laugh from me and my great keyboard for 270 euros price.

The biggest question I have - Is it any way to have updated Firmware which will fix this sticky keys issue? Will I be able to remain Synapse enabled while I'm playing games, or I have to disable Synapse all the time and when next time I will forget to do so - I gonna die again and wipe the raid? If not - what is the point of Synapse software at all?

Thank you much for your time and reply.:wink_:

At this moment there is no new firmware update. In my case keys activate/disable bbyitself or when they are pess few times with or without synapse was the same this indicate bord issue ;/ In your case it can be softwere. Try to reinstall the driver in windows and clean install synapse also make reset of profile in synapse.
1)Remove synapse from pc then go to ptogramfiles and programfiles(x86) remove Razer folder. Click on search bar and type "%AppData% and press enter go to local folder and remove Razer dolfer there.
2) Windows driver you find in "windows device menager" when you delete the device cheack box remove everything and then click ok. and reboot pc
3)Download new freash copy of synapse and installl it. When it finish go to settings top left corner "circle icon" then reset tab and press reset on keybord. Cheack if you still have issue.
If this dont help try using keybord without synapse for few houres to be sure there is no issue without it. Good idead will be also cheack on diffrent pc.

Does anyboy know how much weight needs to be applied for the switch to actuate?

45g 1,5-3,6mm

Enter a higher dimension of control with the new Razer Huntsman V2 Analog—armed with our new Razer Analog Optical Switches for the finest degree of control and variable points of actuation to ensure optimal precision when it matters the most. Ascend to analog.

is there anywhere i can just get the switches. I dont like the board but the switches are beastly.
I bought it and i have problem with key "8".
Look on video. What Can I do? I don't want to ship it on warranty.
What is this radio silence, why don't we get any updates from Razer about this, are they even aware of it? Also, Razer Naga X keeps resetting mousepad calibration for some reason.
am i the only one who loves wired stuff over wireless
Did the new Synapse update fix the HUNTSMAN v2 ANALOG issue with sticking keys?

I saw the update but haven't seen any results on the forums.

No. It still does it. This is ridiculous, no Razer representative will ever tell you anything about this issue with their flagship keyboard, they've been taught to stay silent on this one.
Just bought a Huntsman V2 Analog and unfortunately I am returning it for a full refund thankfully through Amazon and not Razer direct due to the issue that so many people have reported about the keys sticking. This is known to be caused by the Synapse software and the issue also plagues the Tartarus V2 Gaming Keypad and has been ongoing for months. My friend went trough months of testing with Razer Support to try and find the issue with his Tartarus V2 Gaming Keypad wasting so much of his time having him do their job effectively even though Razer knows it is a software issue and their final solution was not use Synapse which is a ridiculous considering Synapse is an integral part of the product (he still hasn't been able to get his refund). Not using Synapse is not a solution for me especially as this is not the only Razer product I have I have spent sooooo much money with Razer and their partners and I am disappointed that this is still not fixed by a company who's tag line is "for gamers by gamers" please Razer fix you software.

My Razer products
Mouse - Basilisk V2
Keyboard - Cynosa V2
Headphones - Nari
Speakers - Nommo Chroma
Mouse Pad - Goliathus Extended
Game Pad - Raiju Ultimate
Other - Chroma Addressable RGB Controller
Motherboard - ASRock B550 Taichi Razer Edition
Case - LIAN-LI PC-O11 Dynamic Razer Edition
hi, razer support told me that
Version: 3.6.1010.101113
Version: 3.6.1010.101113

  • Synapse Bug Fixes

    • Fix key stuck issue for analog function for Razer Huntsman V2 Analog and Razer Tartarus Pro Series

But i still have a problem with a game mode after switching profiles (not blocking windows key after profile swapping with enabled game mode)
Hello everyone, looks like they fixed the last bug with game mode in the new update for the RAZER HUNTSMAN V2 ANALOG . Sticky keys in games, non-working game mode after changing the profile, slow profile swapping and etc. It's a pity that they released a partially working keyboard software to the market and many people abandoned the keyboard.
Now the keyboard works as expected and personally I don't notice any bugs
Can the USB cable be removed? Not concerned with wireless... Just want to be able to switch boards at will...
Great news but still not too intriguing for me.
Still need TKL or TE version with ISO Layout.
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lost count of the keyboards you have released.
I'm just using my trusty old blackwidow.

Same here.
Can't wait to get my hands on one of these, been looking at all the new razer tech.
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really want it but too expensive...
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Have around more then week so far expiriance is mixed keybord arrive to me with keystrole issue to in random time any key on keybord press itself and spam to stop it keybord must be cut from power. Replacement will be assend shortly but what a ride on support ihave to force a replacement.

For keybord itself keybord have two usb ports one is usb-a and second is usb-c in the box is adapter (asb-c to usb-a) if someone want to connect on usb-a. USB passtrugh on left side is a nice touch and lightning on keybord becose of keycaps is slmost half darker then regullar huntsman. Media keys like back,play/pause and forward are still no trasparent so in night are hard to see and lightning under them is berly visable. Wristrest on this keybord is the most stong point cusion is edge to edge and it's very comfortable. cables from keybord are move from middle to left side and now there two cables that go from keybord insted of one as it was on regular huntsman elite. Going to synapse and dual actuaction point and actuation point set. Yes you can set it from 1,5 to 3,6mm and yeah you can feel a slightly diffrence it's most usable in game where you set 1,5mm to keys you use and 3,6mm to other you dont want accydently press and run. Dual actuatuion point i dont cheack becose of keybord issues so when replacement come i will update post and write how it's running.

p.s If someone want to ask or cheack something give me know here 🙂
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Bad keycap, bad driver

You have lighting but it's berly noticable look at angle on button you will see it. It's a design mistake think no one from razer read when people write here about illuminate the top part and now the button is not lift-up enogh to give you underglow.