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HUNTSMAN V2 | No Frills. All Performance.

  • 16 September 2021
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do the new ones have really loose wobbly keys or are they solid like the analog?
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Amazing Keyboard the Hunstman.
Surprise never ends,razer that one is awesome
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reviews pls.
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I'd like to see some "orange" optical switches.
Purple are like green; too noisy, and red miss the feeling of the activation.
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We needed more TKLs, nice addition 🙂
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Media keys For The Win 🆒🔥👊
Buen diseño
Biraz daha güçlü arka aydınlatma ummuştum. Klavye peluşu harika görünüyor. Anahtar kapaklar harika. Bu harika klavye için teşekkürler Razer :büyük sırıtış_:
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We needed more TKLs, nice addition :)

i'm with you on this. obsessed with TKLs every since i got my Huntsman Mini
looks dope asfffff

Raise the bar for keyboard performance, feel and acoustics with the all-new Razer Huntsman V2 and Huntsman V2 TKL. Armed with our lightning-fast optical switches and doubleshot PBT keycaps, these tournament-ready keyboards will have you dominating the competition.

Now available in both the quick, snappy Razer Clicky Optical Switches and the Gen-2 Razer Linear Optical Switches with sound dampeners for a better sound profile:

Has Razer figured out a replacement wrist rest for the huntsman yet???
nice but when we will have in AZERTY the clicky version ? i don t care about analogic, i have a BW V3 Pro green switch AZERTY and your switch clicky and tactile are so great !!!
And why not one day a low profil BW V3 with clicky and tactile or Huntsman V2 low profil C and T :)
I got my razer v2 tkl and only when i play epic games starts to turn off and on,anyone knows wtf?
Sadly the new V2 STILL suffers from led whine, as every single previous Huntsman. I just tested 2 different full V2s and both of them had some high pitch buzz coming from WSAD zone and Insert/Home zone alike.

It's so sad that in 2012 a 250$ keyboard is plagued by such plain design incompetence, especially since same whine was met in the past on other products like Huntsman, Huntsman Elite and Blackwidow. Reported countless of times on both various forums (including this one) and Reddit, to absolutely no avail.

But this V2... oh boy. It just eats the cake, a keyboard designed to be the most quiet keyboard ever made, ending with same atrocious coil whine....
Update: just tested another three Huntsman V2 linears and all of them have the same high pitch buzz coming from the insanely crappy PWM you guys decided to use. I get that they are really cheap and you are happy this 250$ keyboard costs less than 30$ to make, but Jesus...

This is beyond atrocious, I am done with you guys, your greed is beyond redemption.
same issue... the keyboard has an annoying coil whine when using static lighting.... in a q quiet room it is audible from a typing distance...