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Introducing the Razer Huntsman Elite

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Improve the Huntsman Elite for a few bucks. The lighting on the wrist rest is great except on a dark wood desk. The user cannot see the front lighting. I put a strip of Metal Repair Tape (hardware store by vent pipes) under the front of the keyboard and the wrist rest lighting is now perfect.
I love this keyboard but I would love to have textured WASD keys? Does anyone know if they are available and do the following keys fit the Huntsman Elite?
I am still not getting why there is no tournament version of this keyboard yet...
It would be sick if the huntsman had a tournament edition.

I would have considered a TE edition Huntsman Elite over the Blackwidow Elite I got yesterday. I like the open frame and solid design of them both. I'm noticing more and more than I really don't use the 10 key enough to warrant it.

Now a Black Widow Elite TE? I don't'd be hard to choose.
It would be sick if the huntsman had a tournament edition.
My only wish is that the wrist rest was sloped, like on the Ornata...that and that it didn't need 2 USBs.

Other and that I think this keyboard is incredible. It feels solid and beefy. The Opto-echanical switches are faster and you definitely notice it.

The sound of a tournament edition is really enticing...
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I have it for 2 weeks and i love it. Looks great, in games like overwatch, wow, hots works nice. I dont regret bying it but price it bit large 😛
Would love to save up for this, sadly I need a new graphics card.
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You can say it WITHOUT SHOUTING !
Hey razer staff member could you leak maybe a few hints that huntsman te when will it be release so I could save me some money and get it! come on give us a hint. If apple can leak their product I pretty sure Razer can do it too!
Just got myself the huntsman elite - Completely in love - BEST Switches on the market - Light and Tactile as advertised and ZERO !!!! key wobble anywhere - Consistent feel across the entire keyboard
I have 3 corsair K70' RGB - with cherry red, blue and speed switches -
After playing around with the huntsman I'm giving all the corsair Crap away
Razer have upped the Ante with the huntsman , and the Opto -Mechanical switches have taken over centre stage from ALL others - goodbye Cherry - Once u get a taste of the Purple opto Mechanical switches and feel the ZERO key wobble and consistency - as well as the lighter actuation force you will want to store all your other keyboards
Es hermoso, impresionante diseño
you guys think they'll make a huntsman tournament edition?

i hope so, if they do its an instant buy for me
I have it for two weeks. Just I can say it is awesome specially volume wheel. I had BW Orange before this and I had doubt to change that with this as it was 150$ more expensive ( I bought BW in sale). Now I am so happy for this decision.
Damn you Razer for bringing new cool things so often :wink_:
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Awesome product, and the fact that it lokks like the blackwidow X is a priceless pluevalue.
The speed of light meets Chroma, and it's absolutely beautiful ❤
I'd like if they'd offer a gunmetal version of the elite, but for the same price
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you guys think they'll make a huntsman tournament edition?
Its awesome! I really like the media controls!
What kind of plastic are the keycaps made of?
ah i already went broke from the blackwidow chroma v2
I like the collors in the keyboard
Different i like it
just an replacement for BW X v2