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Introducing the Razer Huntsman Elite

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Groundbreaking performance at the speed of light—this is the all-new Razer Huntsman Elite:

We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation to bring you the best gaming experience imaginable. This time, we’re introducing the Razer Huntsman Elite—featuring the brand-new Razer Opto-Mechanical Switch built for unmatched speed and precision.

Using optical actuation technology, the Razer Opto-Mechanical Switch actuates and resets at the same point, enabling rapid fire keypresses at ludicrous speeds. This is the all-new weapon designed for quick and light keypresses while retaining the familiar clicky feel you know and love.

What’s more, we’ve added fully customizable dedicated media controls to suit your every need. The plush leatherette wrist rest provides added comfort while gaming and the Razer Chroma enabled underglow makes this beast a perfect companion to your battlestation.

New look, new switch. This is the Razer Huntsman Elite:

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On my last post, I said I wouldn't buy this keyboard but due to a deal, I got this discounted. My issues still stand and a new one just came up.

Certain keys make this metallic clanking sound on key up (releasing the key after pressing down). It's most noticeable when pressing on the same key repeatedly. I'm guessing it's from their stabilizers and/or the springs. So far, it's most noticeable on the letter/key "S".

Anyone having the same issue? While it doesn't affect performance or anything, it can get annoying hearing clanking of metal.
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"I don't see evidence that they deliberately copied it but they're definitely not the first. Most, if not all, of Bloody's current products seem to use light actuation."
Are you a troll? Purple one is Razer's, Orange one is A4tech's.

Not trolling. Just haven't seen those 2 side by side bit I do know that the principle that those work on is the same. And I'm not crossing out the possibility that they separately thought of the idea but the design of the switches doesn't make that convincing at all.
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USB port on the keyboard. Since the kb already takes up 2 USB ports. Would be great for my desktop which doesn’t have many USB ports to begin with

Why does it need 2 ports? I'm guessing that the KB needs more power?
I'd love if they released a new keyboard with switches from a third party like Cherry or Gateron
the huntsman sure looks good
where can I find those switches? would they work in place of cherries?
Why no macro buttons? No macro buttons on the left, no buy from me. I will stick to my Chroma v2
if the switches was silent... best keyboard in the whole world
just an replacement for BW X v2
Different i like it
I like the collors in the keyboard
ah i already went broke from the blackwidow chroma v2
What kind of plastic are the keycaps made of?
Its awesome! I really like the media controls!
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you guys think they'll make a huntsman tournament edition?
I'd like if they'd offer a gunmetal version of the elite, but for the same price
The speed of light meets Chroma, and it's absolutely beautiful ❤
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Awesome product, and the fact that it lokks like the blackwidow X is a priceless pluevalue.
Damn you Razer for bringing new cool things so often :wink_:
I have it for two weeks. Just I can say it is awesome specially volume wheel. I had BW Orange before this and I had doubt to change that with this as it was 150$ more expensive ( I bought BW in sale). Now I am so happy for this decision.
you guys think they'll make a huntsman tournament edition?

i hope so, if they do its an instant buy for me
Es hermoso, impresionante diseño
Just got myself the huntsman elite - Completely in love - BEST Switches on the market - Light and Tactile as advertised and ZERO !!!! key wobble anywhere - Consistent feel across the entire keyboard
I have 3 corsair K70' RGB - with cherry red, blue and speed switches -
After playing around with the huntsman I'm giving all the corsair Crap away
Razer have upped the Ante with the huntsman , and the Opto -Mechanical switches have taken over centre stage from ALL others - goodbye Cherry - Once u get a taste of the Purple opto Mechanical switches and feel the ZERO key wobble and consistency - as well as the lighter actuation force you will want to store all your other keyboards
Hey razer staff member could you leak maybe a few hints that huntsman te when will it be release so I could save me some money and get it! come on give us a hint. If apple can leak their product I pretty sure Razer can do it too!
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You can say it WITHOUT SHOUTING !