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Introducing the Razer Huntsman Elite

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I got the Huntsman Elite on Saturday at the St. Louis MicroCenter. Went there with my friend just to browse, wasn't expecting to buy anything, but I decided to see if they had one of the new Huntsman keyboards on display. Wanted to see how it felt. Asked the Micro Center employee and he said he didn't think they had any yet. They didn't have a display so I was walking out of the aisle when some boxes on the top shelf caught my eye. They had four of each (Huntsman Elite and regular). The employee was surprised and asked if I wanted to try it out, so he opened the box at the service counter and we all took turns typing on it. I loved the click and the feel, even though we didn't have it hooked up to anything to see the lights. Decided I wanted to replace my aging BlackWidow V1 Chroma and bought it after having a great chat with the employees about it. I don't really feel any speed improvements over my other mechs (mainly BlackWidow Chroma V1 and V1 TE) but I like the look and feel and the keys click a bit more solidly and loudly than the old Green switches which I like as well. The Chroma underglow and key backlighting is even better than before, and it simply just worked out of the box with my newest Keyboard Visualizer 3.06 which was even better. Travelling right now so I'm using it with my Blade Pro, but I can't wait to get home and hook it up with my desktop.
Got mine in the mail today. The keyboard feels a bit smaller than the black widow, in fact it is smaller. The keys are a bit more "compact" so this will take some getting used too. I am also used to wresting my thumbs below the spacebar & with the new design, there is no "keyboard" their. These are just little things I have noticed after using the black widow for so darn long. The colors are gorgeous, the leather wrist guard is much softer than I expected BUT it does get warm pretty fast. Looks great but I have a feeling I could have done without it.
wish i could get it but im broke 😛
Looks nice, if I got it I would probably toss out the arm rest part, they always look so uncomfortable to me.
Is is legal to marry a keyboard???
It looks awesome
I think am gonna have to buy this keyboard, thank goodness for credit cards!
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I have a dream...
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Initial thoughts after using this keyboard for a few days:

  • It just seems faster. Not sure if this is placebo or not... But it literally seems faster. The time it takes for me to hear/feel the tactile response and see the key pop up on screen seems to be shorter than the time it takes for a regular keyboard (BlackWidow, Blade 15 keyboard, MacBook Pro keyboard, standard office keyboard). Anybody else getting this?
  • I still prefer the old style wrist rest. This wrist rest doesn't have an angle to it. It's still pretty good though.
  • Volume knob is sooooo satisfying. Embedded fidget spinner??
  • It's pretty satisfying to type on. Compared to the lack of key travel on the MacBook Pro's butterfly switches, these Razer Purple switches honestly feel SO much better. Compared to Razer Greens, I don't feel like I'll be thrown out the window for typing so loud. More like thrown out the door.
  • Kinda wish something more innovative was down with the media keys. At the same time, anything different would scream GAMER.
  • As usual, glorious Chroma.

This keyboard is definitely replacing my main keyboard (BlackWidow TE Chroma V2). I won't be using this in any office environment though. That role will be for the now secondary BlackWidow TE Chroma V2.

Congratulations Razer on yet another amazing product.
(On a side note... Dave 2D mentioned how there could be support for modules that replace the wrist rest... Like wireless charging... Would be really exciting if developer support opened up for this.)
If you took paypal I would have ordered one already.. need to expand what payment methods you take.
1. No one barely uses the 5 marco keys (They should just add an option for them at this point)
2. Who really cares about the MM keys not being backlit.
3. No they probably don't you are just being picky.
4. USB pass-through would be nice but not essential on a keyboard like this
5. There won't be a V2 for a very long time

Yes, he is picky, but when somebody ask $200 for a keyboard you have every right to be picky 🙂
Omg. Mine. =O
And I just had to spend thousand on home renovations and this beauty comes out?! Why me?!
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Well, that is really something else, and impressive.
Sick keyboard!
Groundbreaking performance at the speed of light—this is the all-new Razer Huntsman Elite:

We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation to bring you the best gaming experience imaginable. This time, we’re introducing the Razer Huntsman Elite—featuring the brand-new Razer Opto-Mechanical Switch built for unmatched speed and precision.

Using optical actuation technology, the Razer Opto-Mechanical Switch actuates and resets at the same point, enabling rapid fire keypresses at ludicrous speeds. This is the all-new weapon designed for quick and light keypresses while retaining the familiar clicky feel you know and love.

What’s more, we’ve added fully customizable dedicated media controls to suit your every need. The plush leatherette wrist rest provides added comfort while gaming and the Razer Chroma enabled underglow makes this beast a perfect companion to your battlestation.

New look, new switch. This is the Razer Huntsman Elite:

OMG this is way too amazing!
The logo is on the wrist rest, and I just can't see how they could illuminate that and still keep it functional and comfortable. There is not a logo at the bottom of they keyboard.

Yes, I know. But I meant "RGB-illuminated-Logo". Now it really look less-symbolic, at least on my view, and look more like 40 bucks no-name mechanical keyboard.

*I just realized RAZER Goliathus Chroma also has no RGB-illuminated-Logo:eek_:
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2) Again, some people care about the small things like consistency

It is consistant - the number keys don't have backlit symbols either, only the primary function is lit. So, the keys themselves are lit, but the what's printed on them isn't. There are other examples of keys having things printed on them that are not lit, so that does still seem to follow a theme to me.

3) They actually do feel cheap when pressed/turned

No, they really don't. I'm using the keyboard to type this right now - and I can press the media keys, turn the volume key and mess with them right now as I type this - they don't feel cheap. The keyboard I used prior to this was the Blackwidow Chroma V2, certainly not a cheap keyboard. I've also used numerous other Razer keyboards along the way and I've tried other brands through the years. I've been gaming on a PC since the late 80's, Let's just say I've had a lot of experience to draw on and I've felt cheap keyboards and comparatively, this just isn't one of them. The media keys don't feel cheap to me at all. Though, I'd love to hear your experience and hear how much use you've gotten out of the new Huntsman Elite and how long you've used it for.

I was dissapointing a little bit. Because no RAZER RGB illuminating logo! :frown_:
Whose design idea? How can you forget this important sign?

The logo is on the wrist rest, and I just can't see how they could illuminate that and still keep it functional and comfortable. There is not a logo at the bottom of they keyboard.
Already sold out, that was quick.
Glad to see it finally came around since posting about it 10 months ago! :smile_:

Nice keyboard!
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Best keyboard I have used hands down... time to pass the Ornata Chroma to the GF. This thing SCREAMS premium.
It's fabolous. Someday I'll be able to buy it! q.q
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goddammit Razer!!! *shakes fist*

(or if you're a Firely fan - gorram it Razer!!)

(or if you're a Battlestar Galactica fan - gods damn it Razer!!)
So pretty...
Optical switches... that sounds interesting.
I never quite liked the exposed switch design.
It's missing the 5 macro keys... so we all can expect the Huntsman Ultimate Champion Edition. :wink_:

I just replaced my DeathStalker Ultimate with a BlackWidow Chroma v2, and I'm loving it... so I don't plan on changing keyboards anytime soon.
I also prefer having Synapse 2 as an option to run on my Windows 10 LTSB setup for audio production. Synapse 2 has a smaller footprint compared to the bloated Synapse 3. Sadly, all new Razer products are Synapse 3 only... so I will stick with my BlackWidow v2 and my Naga Chroma for as long as I can. :smile_: