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Introducing the Razer Huntsman Elite

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I don't feel RGB is useful for me, should razer remove it?? :smile_: So what's the point of RGB??
1. Make unbox video for show the RGB lighting.
2. Snap a picture of RGB keyboard and post in social media let my friend know im fucking rich which afford a RGB keyboard.
3. Enjoy full of oneself by show your fucking RGB keyboard to your PETS, parents, girlfriends, ghosts or any fucking species that living in your computer room.

Unless is mean for you to look at the keyboard all time instead of the monitor when gaming. (I can see how terrible you are when you are gaming)

If complain about small thing is matter for here/you, might as well put a rules about this forum is means for RAZER praise forum. How damn I wish RAZER will follow what Nokia business path, develop (oh wait it's copy and modify, RAZER isn't the 1 who invent the optical switch after all) a new switch but slower than Cherry MX speed. So is this switch mean for more durable instead of better gaming??

Don't know why you getting so toxic over a comment but you need to chill, RGB is for looks and gives character to your room and desk, as for the rest im not even going to read it since its all toxic
Groundbreaking performance at the speed of light—this is the all-new Razer Huntsman Elite:

We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation to bring you the best gaming experience imaginable. This time, we’re introducing the Razer Huntsman Elite—featuring the brand-new Razer Opto-Mechanical Switch built for unmatched speed and precision.

Using optical actuation technology, the Razer Opto-Mechanical Switch actuates and resets at the same point, enabling rapid fire keypresses at ludicrous speeds. This is the all-new weapon designed for quick and light keypresses while retaining the familiar clicky feel you know and love.

What’s more, we’ve added fully customizable dedicated media controls to suit your every need. The plush leatherette wrist rest provides added comfort while gaming and the Razer Chroma enabled underglow makes this beast a perfect companion to your battlestation.

New look, new switch. This is the Razer Huntsman Elite:

Wow it's amazing
I needs dis'!
I was dissapointing a little bit. Because no RAZER RGB illuminating logo! :frown_:
Whose design idea? How can you forget this important sign? Even Razer Cynosa Chroma this cheap keyboard has the RGB three-head snake.

*No hate, but my idea
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I still kind of want a cheap ass Razer product with a handing disco ball XD
Why this keyboard is without left macro buttons 😞 , only blackwidow keyboard have this ...... WHY ??
Looks sick! Would love to have this in my set up!
OMG, looks really great!
It's using exact same switches as the ones in Bloody B975 keyboard. Even standard Huntsman keyboard costs more than Bloody B975. 💩
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Ooo very shiny! Might have to buy it when it hits retailers and after the user reviews start coming in for the keyboard.
So, who is the winner for the 'speed-of-light' contest?o_O
when is the tournament version going to be release?
Aww just realised it does not have a USB pass through (have my Basilisk plugged into it), but still an amazing new keyboard. Finally Razer has added a rotary dial!! No more awkward Function key to change volumes
Any ideas on UK availability?

It's available now 🙂
Will just stick to my Blackwidow V2 for now. There are some more features that I wish were on there for the price. I do however really like the lighting on it.
Really like the look of this keyboard. Some features I want, some I don't. So I will wait for other devices to adopt some of the features.
"Light and clicky" you're too funny!
What did i sign up for in that gleam 2 days ago?
You talk like you have numbers to back up your claims.

1) People use and take advantage of the extra macro keys
2) Again, some people care about the small things like consistency
3) They actually do feel cheap when pressed/turned

I have had the chance to test the keyboard so I know what I am talking about.

1. Why are you talking for everyone? NOT everyone uses marcos accept that
2. Yeah people who are picky and want every little detail to be perfect
3. The keyboard is metal, maybe in the next batch it will be better
1. No one barely uses the 5 marco keys (They should just add an option for them at this point)
2. Who really cares about the MM keys not being backlit.
3. No they probably don't you are just being picky.
4. USB pass-through would be nice but not essential on a keyboard like this
5. There won't be a V2 for a very long time

1) People use and take advantage of the extra macro keys
2) Again, some people care about the small things like consistency
3) They actually do feel cheap when pressed/turned

I have had the chance to test the keyboard so I know what I am talking about.
look pretty *_*
Looks sick! Guess i need one!
hmm I think my Black Widow needs an upgrade 😃
I'll be honest, I have never once used my my 5 macro keys, so I'm happy to see them gone, it just made my keyboards longer than I needed. Also, I think it was back on the Tarantula, but they have had at least one keyboard in the past that had media keys on it. They've just been discontinued for a very long time. I'm really happy to see them make a comeback.

I've never been a fan of clicky keyboards, I always purchased membrane until they stealth varieties came out, but this one feels fantastic and I might be able to overlook the sound for the feel this time. Especially since I don't think it's bottomed out even once, the key presses are so light and easy they never even make it to the bottom, except for the spacebar. It's quite impressive.

I like the idea of the new switch as long it keeps the Razer green click ill be happy I love clicky keyboard because thats how you know its a true mechanical keyboard and let everybody know "Hey I'm gaming!"
The new keyboard looks amazing and it keeps the style of the Blackwidow X which makes it clean, sleek, simple and modern