My Huntsman Elite has some problems after around 11months of use. Is it normal? | Razer Insider

My Huntsman Elite has some problems after around 11months of use. Is it normal?

  • 31 July 2019
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So I am from Malaysia and I went to San Francisco and bought my Huntsman Elite from the flagship store there. After using it for almost 1 year, the wrist rest just tore suddenly (around 10 - 20 minutes prior to writing this thread) So I was wondering If It was possible for me to get a replacement for it.
A few weeks ago I also started experiencing shocks from my wrist rest too, a kind of electrical one which zaps my wrist every time I rest it on the wrist rest.

Anyone has a solution for these 2 problems?

Futhermore I would also like to know on how to have warranty on all of my Razer products.

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4 Replies

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The wrist rest issues I think they will classified it as wear and tears.
Besides there is only 6 months limited wrist rest manufacturer’s warranty usually but I'm not sure if it applied to Huntsman Elite as well.

For warranty purpose, you might have to send it back to the flagship store/resellers/retailers that you bought from or you can contact Razer distributor in Malaysia ask them to help which you need pay some fees/charges.
erm to prevent this from happening what you need to do, very simple...
when you unbox that keyboard of yours in the future there's the wrapper don't ever take that out!!!
yes my wrist rest shocks me also with huntsman elite. i have just purchased it recently for a month or 2. even for a week after purchase it started shocking me but at first i just ignored it.
Better exchange or else you be fry the next time!! wonder what you taste like? :D
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