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Need a new keyboard

Hello, I am needing a new keyboard.
Right now I have the Razer Blackwidow 2016 ultimate and yesterday it had a problem. It started with my A key being pressed constantly. Then my keyboard just shut down. I had to take the whole thing apart and for some reason. It ended up fixing its self
I don't know if I should get another one of the keyboard I have or go for a V2 or something.

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I'd get the Blackwidow Elite if you want silent switches or the Huntsman Elite if you want clicky switches. It's well worth getting the latest models for the nice wristrests:big_grin_:
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The best will be what kind of money you want to spend from there we can recommend something for you.
I think that the black widow elite or the huntsman elite are pretty good keyboards, currently have bw v2 with green switches, but am looking to upgrade to the most current keyboard once this one dies