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How to set up the buttons without synapse 3 on Mac?

  • 26 June 2020
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I am so pleased with my new razer mamba elite and death adder v2.
However, I realized that they both cannot be fully functioning on my Mac because Razer's synapse 3 does not support Mac.

I don't need to control the chroma, but then how can I set up the buttons and program them without Synapse 3 on my Mac?

Do I need to set it up on a Window pc and save it as profile on the mouse and use it on Mac? Then it would work? or Is there any driver or program that I can set up and change the buttons?

Thank you

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2 Replies

Also looking for support on this matter, however, I have the Razer Atheris. Was hoping there was more to it than the sidekeys supporting forward and back on webpages. Thanks.
I got the Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma for my macbook setup and then I came to know that I can't change my default rainbow lighting to a static green like my death adder and black widow 😞