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Issues with OG razer mamba wirless.

Hello, im here because im having some troubles with the og mamba. As i've seen razer's site isn't sellingi t anymore, and probably that's what is causing my issues, but sincerly, after i've spended 170$++, i would want a Top Tier mouse, not a mouse that only causes problems. Dunno when this started, but some days ago i've found out that synapse 2 isn't detecting my mouse. I also have a blackwidow v2 and some man o' wars that work fine. Wouldn't want to trash a mouse like this so im here to ask for some help.
Thanks for your time!
This is the mouse, i hope yall can help me

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Remove Synapse software, go to device manager - remove Mamba (with drivers), use a CCleaner to cleanup your PC & registry. Reboot OS and install Synapse 2 again.
Already tried, nothing happened
At this point im assuming it's an app that goes in conflict with something, cause there's no explanation
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Try connect mouse to other pc and cheack the behavior this give more info where is the issue.