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New Mousemat in Large Sizes

  • 30 January 2019
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Hi, Razer. I've been a huge fan with manticor, invicta and goliathus. And would love to have some other options in larger sizes that looks just as sick as firefly or goliathus chroma, since I'm playing fps games in low sens. I know there's large option for goliathus, but I'm a huge fan of razer's chroma, and as of right now there is no mousemats in large size that offer chroma feature. Thanks, razer. Much love.

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3 Replies

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Like the Goliathus Chroma? Or did you already see that?
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The only large mousepad with rgb is goliatus extended chroma but is only avalible in cloth version and signal led strip so no multiple zones like in fireflay.
Thanks guys, but extended doesn't provide more area for vertical swipe. I'm playing in low sens, so readjusting mouse in a fight is actually a big deal. Maybe we can have like firefly, but in size of large goliathus? That would be sick.