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Now Available | Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma

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Looks great but i just recently got my Goliathus Overwatch edition so i guess i'll have to wait this time
awesome stuff!
can't wait to put my mouse on it!
WTF ? It's so coool
Looks very nice! I'll wait for the extended version! 🙂
Maybe at one point you'll concentrate on the quality of headsets again, instead of crap like this. Oh well. Razer used to be good.
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Oh my God! I think I'm in love... voulez vous marier avec moi? 💚
is amazing... i'll buy it, plus the price is very good compared to firefly
Together with the Razer Mug, the Nommo Chroma, And the Chroma headset stand! Or just every single Chroma product!
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BRUH Now i need this and the Firefly cloth edition LOL
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chroma lighting on a soft mat? wow
That is completely amazing!!!! I may have to upgrade my Firefly 😃
Wow... I NEED an extended version of this ASAP. My older green extended goliathus stands out in my current color scheme.
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Which markets is it currently available in? I don't see it in Australia.
I'm getting that extended one. I've wanted an extended firefly for a while
Lit. Lit-erally. 🔥🔥
Meet the brilliant Razer Goliathus Chroma soft gaming mat:

The classic gaming surface is everything you’ve loved and more; a micro-textured surface optimized for both speed and control playstyles, a comfortable cloth surface and a non-slip rubber base. We’ve pushed it one step further with Razer Chroma lighting technology that syncs up with the rest of your Razer hardware. Let there be light. Lots of it.

This looks intresting like the fire fly...I'm already on fire
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Woah. Awesome stuff
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Bwoah. Looks like a light tube going around the mousepad. Awesome.
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Waiting for the extended one and hoping its not going to cost over a hundred dollars (Likely it will :P).
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It looks just great.

Why are you making so much awesome products when my wallet is so short.^^
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finally!! I'll wait for the extended version!!
WOW Razer! You keep on amazing me everyday! I must have one on my setup!

I am already imagining the extended version and cranking up the audio visualizer. It will look sick!

I too am waiting for the sweet extended one
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Wow nicely done Razer!!! I already feel like my Firefly is getting too old :frown_:, tho i must say i can't wait for the extended version to come out soon, it looks it covers way more than the Firefly.
I have a perfectly fine Razer Goliathus extended mat, however when the Chroma Goliathus extended comes out I think my old mat is going to have an unfortunate accident.
When will this come out in Europe? And will it be available in XXL version like previous goliathus?
btw love this ❤️