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Now Available | Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma

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you've really pushed something here
Sweet. So simple, yet so awesome. Love it. Keep up the good work Razer.
i wonder what material you're using for the LED cover.
i think i've seen this somewhere
Looks cool~
Holy crap this is awesome! Will most likely grab the extended edition when it drops!
Awesome job guys, but anyone can explain why the goliathus chrome is the price of a firefly cloth edition? Quote:"MrOxpar, post: 429057, member: 513782"
Firefly Cloth is the same price as the original—$60
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Wow... Now that's something. Not gonna give up my Firefly just yet though 😃
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Wow 😃 must have this one. But I like the Goliathus Speed Cosmic edition theme 🙂
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The time has come!
I wish this includes something like a canister so you can bring this chroma LIT guy anywhere.
i am definitely going to have to get the extended version and then just out the firefly ontop!!! mo chroma mo light and that!!! haha
Lit. Lit-erally. 🔥🔥
Meet the brilliant Razer Goliathus Chroma soft gaming mat:

The classic gaming surface is everything you’ve loved and more; a micro-textured surface optimized for both speed and control playstyles, a comfortable cloth surface and a non-slip rubber base. We’ve pushed it one step further with Razer Chroma lighting technology that syncs up with the rest of your Razer hardware. Let there be light. Lots of it.

I have only one question.... Can I throw it to washing machine?? 😃 😃
I didn't know I needed this. I NEED THIS SO MUCH!!! XD
Ok, now you people REALLY made me go WOW!! That's such a supergeeky, weird and awfully wonderful thing to do. But... now I have to get one! Oh... three. So I have one for each computer. Right. And... at least one to travel. And probably two or three for hubby dearest to match. Damn you! You're going to ruin me!! 😃
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aww yiss finally a mat that's ultra-portable!
This thing is lit!. I tried to look at amazon, but this goliathus still not there
After the Gigantus would be so cool with chroma lol. Need it all
Nice i' ll take the xxl!
Now that's lit!
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wonderfull!!! really want to know how can be chroma and also flexile.
Grat mat:eek_:
Looks like PewDiePie can now cover his whole table with a mouse mat