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Now Available | Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma

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let's see... anything else to add chroma to?
i want this so bad!
Whoever thought of this and/or the extended version needs a pay raise. 😝
Lit. Lit-erally. 🔥🔥
Meet the brilliant Razer Goliathus Chroma soft gaming mat:

The classic gaming surface is everything you’ve loved and more; a micro-textured surface optimized for both speed and control playstyles, a comfortable cloth surface and a non-slip rubber base. We’ve pushed it one step further with Razer Chroma lighting technology that syncs up with the rest of your Razer hardware. Let there be light. Lots of it.

But I hate Razer now.
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Will there be a video soon of it in "play?"

yeah, want to see it too
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is the extended size one, released/for sale yet?
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But I hate Razer now.

haha, i have a love/hate relationship with razer.
i hate them when they comes out with cool products when i don't have enough money to spend on them yet...but love their's a vicious
finally a black Goliathus pad. i'm not a fan of those RGB lighting and such but since i got the Gigantus, i sure gave up on the Goliathus because it is way better to use a mouse on a black pad instead.
Take my money !
who the hell needs an mousemad with rgb?
That's really cool! Cheaper than firefly, soft, rgb daaammmnn That´s absolutly in my shop list 😃 (when the XL one comes)
if it comes in 35 x 45 cm I'll buy one
Damn it looks good
Now i dont know if i should buy firefly chroma or goliathus extended chroma. Any thoughts?
i want this so bad!

i want it too its amazing and perfect for razer equip ^^
Any updates on Goliathus Chroma release date?
When does the extended version come out?
Now i dont know if i should buy firefly chroma or goliathus extended chroma. Any thoughts?

If you are in it for the lighting, I'd wait until seeing a video before buying because we still don't know all of the effects yet
Just found out there is no wave lighting feature which is a bit disappointing but considering it is only one light in the mouse pad to customise it isn't surprising. Did however see an implementation of using spectrum cycle I believe at an enhanced speed to make it look almost like a wave option
hope to have one soon ❤
Extended version please
I really really like it! When is the extended version coming out? it would look so good with my blackwidow chroma v2
Now I need the extended since I don't have a keyboard, but this will do plenty on its own