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Razer Naga Trinity Scroll Wheel Sensitivity

  • 1 September 2021
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Hi all,

Got the naga trinity today and looking through synapse there is no way to change scroll wheel sensitivity?
I had the option on my old RedDragon which was nice as it was "global" to the pc, whereas I can only alter this mouse via windows settings which doesnt affect the game I'm playing - the scroll is still slow even with in game settings set to maximum for scrolling.

Any advice?

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You can do it via Windows mouse settings. It's possible to open mosue settings through Synapse software. Just go to Mouse -> Performance and under Mouse properties there is link to Open Windows Mouse Properties.
As mentioned in the OP, I did that but it does not affect the game I'm playing, unlike my previous mouse. Not going to lie, for £80 I kind of expected a lot more... but I'll give it a chance