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Which keyboard should I pick?

  • 29 March 2019
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I have a Razer Trinity. Have always went with razer for my mouse/keyboard. I am on a budget of about $60. I had a BlackWidow Ultimate 2014 yeqars ago but it broke pretty quick, which has turned me off from razer keyboards but I want to give them another chance. If not I might get a Corsair or Roccat keyboard. I want something that will last.
Should I get:
Razer Ornata Expert: $58
Razer Cynosa Chroma: $50
Razer Deathstalker: $50
Razer BlackWidow 2016: $50

Also are the RGB mouse pads any good?

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6 Replies

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If you want to have smooth expiriance with support later i think device that is still selling in razer store is better to go, This is not a mechanical keybord so there is less Chance you will have some kind of issue later in use. For mousepad it depends what you want becose from razer there are two firefly with multizone led or signal zone goliatus chroma and both are great but price for firefly is expensive becose of adressable led.
Im not really worried about support. Im asking which keyboard would have the best overall experience. Stuff eventually breaks thats normal in life.
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Razer Huntsman Elite!
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I'd avoid the Deathstalker at this point since its getting so old. The Ornata has a nice wristrest, it has membrane clicky keys and chroma. The Cynosa has membrane keys and chroma, the 2016 BW would be mechanical with either clicky green or silent orange switches. I think it's just down to what switch type you like and how much you care about chroma. Some stores like Best Buy have them on display.
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If you can and want something good spend little more and buy mechanical keybord it's better in every way of membrane.
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I have a Cyanosa at home and it's a very good membrane keyboard.
Even without a wristrest it's comfortable.
And i've never had any problem with Synapse 3.