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[Alpha] Razer Chroma Chrome Extension

  • 7 February 2018
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Anyway, this extension is amazing. 👍👍It's a great way to use my razer device more completely. Cuz when I am not gaming, I surf the web a lot.
Hope to see this extension continue the update. It would be perfect to see the issue fix and more stable.😁
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Thank you all for the feedback :-)

I'm ill at the moment but I will try to get back to it asap.
I already fixed an issue that might cause it from stop working as it will try to reconnect to the REST SDK.

Also I will look into the Netflix issue.
I assume Netflix doesn't like intercepting the audio stream (for the visualizer) from the video so I think only including the "needed" pages for that will work and prevent that error. I do have a Netflix account aswell and will try that and let you know once I got an update ready.

I will also try to look into a way for doing something like ambilight for movies.
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Thank you all for the feedback :)

I'm ill at the moment but I will try to get back to it asap.

Hope you get well soon.:)
i try again, is this possible some how?

    chroma.Keyboard.setKey([Key.Macro1, Key.Macro2, Key.Macro3, Key.Macro4, Key.Macro5], new Color(1,1,1));
let volcolor = new Color(0,255,0);
if(Data.volumePercentage>0) chroma.Keyboard.setKey(Key.Macro5, volcolor);
if(Data.volumePercentage>25) chroma.Keyboard.setKey(Key.Macro4, volcolor);
if(Data.volumePercentage>50) chroma.Keyboard.setKey(Key.Macro3, volcolor);
if(Data.volumePercentage>75) chroma.Keyboard.setKey(Key.Macro2, volcolor);
if(Data.volumePercentage>100) chroma.Keyboard.setKey(Key.Macro1, volcolor);
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That looks awesome!
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I already saw your message but don't have a solution for that yet.
It should work like that but it's possible that volumePercentage isn't working at the moment.
I will take a look at that aswell 🙂
Reedit: Found the cause, i just need to uncheck the "keep chroma active all the time" and by doing this when i minimize it the windows bar, my chroma wave gets back though. And i very much like this extension, i'm curious if we can have a chroma effect contouring the browser?

I was literally looking for someone saying about this, because I was having the issue too xD

This extension is amazing! But I met a weird bug/issue with it.

I have a netflix account. When I watch netflix with using this extension. The page will show up an error message and I can't watch anything.
Once I disable the extension, netflix will back to normal.
So now I have to disable the extension when I want to watch netflix.
I am not sure that is that I am the only one meeting this problem.

I am using Vivaldi browser and I have the same problem with using Google Chrome.
And I have to disable the extension every time when I want to watch netflix.
(sorry for my bad english.)

Also, I have this same issue... and I watch Netflix a lot, so this is gonna be a pain 😞
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I totally forgot I had this installed. fired up chrome browser today, for the first time in ages. I noticed my keyboard went all rainbow when I visited google... and then a blue-ish color when I went to facebook. SO NEAT! I hope this extension keeps improving!!!!!
If the Netflix issue gets fixed, then I'm all for having it. But as it is, I watch like 6 hours of Netflix a day, and to disable it every time is just a faff.
wow thats sooo awesome
Great stuff! Audio visualizer for SoundCloud as well would be superb
Oh dude. that is freaking awesome. thank you so much. going to follow this for updates!
ah... no wonder my netflix can't play
i was wondering what happened

can it be fixed? cos i love this extension!
Think its something they're working on, cos this is the only reason I have disabled the extension for now - I watch a lot of Netflix.
Hello, thanks for the chrome extension.

Netflix is missing from the media visualizer by default damage 🙂
Nice. now I don't need to go to synapse!
The SoundCloud Media visualizer doesn't work, any ideas on how to fix this?
my extension will sometime not load a color. for facebook usually, colors will just be off. but then random other sites it will go to work and be just fine. sometimes right when i open youtube, it will be black, then once the video starts, it will do the visualizer, and then the video will stop, and then it will be the red it should be. Like it is not fully detecting where it is and what it is supposed to be doing
Amazing, nice job BRO!
I really like how my keyboard looks inside a YT music video thank you very much! 🎵🎶
Thank you all for the feedback :)

How to add notifications for site? (vk.com)
Thanks! Its awesome
great work.
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That's really cool, gotta check it out.
I tried to get instagram videos to be visualized as well but I just can't find a way to get them to work.
this extension breaks netflix for some weird reason
Definitely a more subtle effect than "Wave" for google pages - I uninstalled the extension over this. Best bet would be to make it configurable. (just set everything from a config file or something).