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[Alpha] Razer Chroma Chrome Extension

  • 7 February 2018
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ok, good news!
google added per page extension support, that means that you can now say to the extension if it can run or not on a website, this fixes the issue i had with netflix!!!
Hi Guys!

I'm bringing you an alpha version of a Razer Chroma Chrome Extension:

(Also works in Opera but is not tested there)


  • Audiovisualizer for Youtube, Twitch and Spotify Web (any more wanted?)
  • Colors when visiting:
    - razerzone
    - stackoverflow
    - github
    - twitter
    - amazon
    - reddit
    - facebook
  • Read out the pages "meta theme-color" and use that
  • Very customizable with own scripts written in typescript
  • Integrated script editor similar to VSCode
  • Google Wave Effect
  • Scripts can be turned off and on
  • Rightclick a page and select "Freeze-Tab" to make the colors stuck (for example if you want youtube but on a second screen have another tab open)
  • As a "gimmick" you can enable a visualizer that overlays the youtube video in the options!

How to add own Color for your favourite website?

  • Click on the Extension Icon.
  • Click on the pencil besides "Page Colors"
  • Copy and paste this into the green header and change the domain to whatever you like:
    // @include *://*.mydomain.com/*

  • Copy and paste this below all the other if statements and change it to your domain
    if(Data.site.domain.indexOf("mydomain") !== -1) chroma.setAll(new Color("#3b5998"));

Upcoming changes:
Replace Google Wave with a more subtile effect per default
- Make it easier to add custom colors for Domains
- Maybe Include the Blockly engine to make scripts in general much easier to create.
- More stable

Let me know what you think :)

i just added the extension to my chrome but nothing happens, some help ?
does stan work with it?
Hey, would love if someone could tell me why this isn't working with Amazon for me. It just goes back to my Synapse effect. Not a huge deal but the defaults in the script look like they should work (admittedly I'm not terribly familiar with regex).

(Unrelated but if anyone knows how to change this auto-generated username please PM me)
There seems to be a weird bug where if you pause a video on youtube or twitch (and perhaps other sites) and come back to that tab and play the video again the video starts to play back at a very fast speed