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[CORTEX] Complete all Summer Festival Achievements to win Razer Silver!

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Good luck everyone
Hasta ahora
Gooood razer gold ilove that
Nice, good luck to every one.
Nice razor girl
But not give
And not support not
Unique game and not
No coin
Please Razer got give me you silver coin please
I hope beginners like me can win
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nicfe! good luck to all
Insha Allah I win

Insha Allah we win
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Ok let's give it a shot , wishing to be one of the 20 winners
good luck everyone
Yes I can
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Good Luck to everyone!
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The OFFERWALL never works. Tapjoy are scammers!!!
gl to everyone
Quero ganhar
I will try this time

Participate in Cortex Games' Summer Festival Achievement Arena Event and stand to win Razer Silver!
>> Click to Take Part in Event <<

How to Participate

  • During event duration, complete the list in the "Summer Festival" achievement career, including time-locked achievements.
  • A total of 20 winners will be selected.
  • User must have a registered Razer ID account (not guest account).
  • Update to the latest version of Razer Cortex Games to access all achievements in order to qualify.


A total of 20 winners will be awarded 30,000 Razer Silver each.

Event Duration

July 8, 2022 - July 29, 2022 10:00 (UTC+8)

Results: Winner will be notified via email by 12 August.

This is my first time I hope I win
Razer gold harcama nasıl yaparım
good luck!
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Bruh, i'm too lazy for this.
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Successful winning 80 hours for 3 past seasons, Follow my lead you will get what you want.
The old squad went holiday now need new squad able to play once reset time for 120hr reward.
Requirement hr for today 12 hours.


The squad must join discord or will be kick
join discord :https://discord.gg/322ygJQf
Im 1st winer my rezar id➡️SIPANTEKNO