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  • 29 November 2022
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Hey Insiders,

Great news!

Razer Cortex has begun a new campaign: SHARE AND WIN for the next two weeks. We'll be giving away 3.8 million Razer Silver with 76 winners in total. Each winner will win 50,000 Razer Silver.

Click the button below to join now!

Campaign Duration: Nov 30 02:00– Dec 14 02:00 UTC


Step 1: Log in to Razer Cortex PC

Download Razer Cortex PC, register a Razer ID or login with your Razer ID if you already have one.

Step 2: Join SHARE AND WIN

Go to the "REWARDS" tab in Razer Cortex and click "SHARE AND WIN." Join the campaign by:

  • Sharing the campaign on a supported social media platform.
  • Joining the campaign via an invite code which is shared by other users.

Step 3: Share and Win More Tickets

You will receive an invite code once you share the campaign. Share the invite code with your friends and earn more tickets when they join the campaign via your code.

The more people who use your invite code, the more tickets you will get. The more tickets you get, the higher chances you will stand of winning.

Step 4: Claim Razer Silver If You Win

When each round of the campaign is over, the winning ticket numbers (calculated via algorithm) can be used to claim your reward. The winning tickets and winners will be displayed on the SHARE AND WIN campaign page. Winners can claim their prize there.

For more details about this campaign, please visit SHARE AND WIN FAQ and Rules.

Note: SHARE AND WIN is only available on Razer Cortex 10. If you have Razer Cortex 9 installed on your PC, please update here: https://www.razer.com/cortex.

62 Replies

Hey, please use my code: 4e7d93fcab67
Everyone, good luck!
( And here's my invite code : 596cd308ef16 ) :wink_:
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Greay event love it!
Great! Feel Free to use my code to earn 15 tickets : a3a1f842e320
Feel free to share 😃
my invite code:94a1c3c008e3
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everyone sharing their own invite codes to people who already have invite codes... y'all are jokers
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Good luck out there everyone
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wow this is very cool!
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@Dekades Why Razer tolerate fake accounts/emails in their campaigns? I don't want to put nicknames here but it's obvious...