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[CORTEX] Squad Rewards Season 10

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Gl to all!

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oh no. i signed up and missed the entire period woops. AGAIN!
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I brought this up last year with my friends from a Discord group we were all in, and we had to cancel because the others had plans that kept them from being able to commit the time needed (adulthood, amirite?).

When it popped up on Insider here this time, I brought it up to my new friends on a new Discord group, and to my surprise, they were ALL hyped up for it, even though they're not huge Razer fans like I was. I started a squad, and we all put in our hours consistently, even with one of our members being from a different country!

I'm extremely glad we were all able to commit to it, because we took the competition all the way and got a grand prize! Shoutouts to my squad mates, they're really awesome people, and we had a ton of fun playing games together. Shoutouts to all of the others that participated, too, you guys did awesome!

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