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Razzer Barracuda x 2022 not connecting with synapse

  • 30 March 2023
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As in title. My Barracudas are not connecting to synapse. I tried on dongle, on cable and on separate bluetooth. Any1 know how to fix this?



7 Replies

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It’s not Synapse compatible.

Hi JASPERbitGunmetal475, I can give you a little more information as I recently purchased the Razer Barracuda X Headphones myself and ran into this same issue.

While FiszPL is correct (and this info wasn’t anyplace obvious when you or I purchased these headphones) you can still get software from Razer to make EQ adjustments, if that is what you are looking for. Unfortunately, it will cost an extra $19.99, or $10.00 plus tax if you use the coupon on the bottom of the 7.1 app that comes free with the headphones. The software you need is Razer’s THX Spacial Audio.

I was not pleased to find out, after the fact, that this is the only solution. If you want to make adjustments to the audio settings for these headphones, you need to buy this software. Still the sound quality is comparable to (if not better than) the more expensive Barracuda Pro headphones and the microphone is significantly better in my opinion.

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It’s not Synapse compatible.

This needs to be labeled properly by Razer. Their other two Barracuda brands are compatible, but not this one. 

It will save alot of people alot of headache

I have the same issue. Cant’t understand why barracuda x is not working with synapse.

I think the same way. It's ridiculous that my headset is not compatible with Synapse. Many settings like sidetone and microphone equalizer are adjusted through it. It never crossed my mind that the product wouldn't support Synapse when I bought it, and now I can't return it. Many people who knew it wasn't compatible with the application probably decided not to buy the product. I think Synapse application support should be added to this headset. It's very strange for a brand like Razer to do something like this. Among wireless products with an external microphone, it was the best for its price.

Note: My headset is Barracuda X 2022. In the update on March 18, 2024, it was listed among the devices supported by Synapse 3. But the updated list does not include Barracuda X 2022.



Recently bought Razer Barracuda X and it’s a shame that it doesn’t support Synapse. I hope Razer will take care of this and it will be supported in the new version.