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help fast plz with Gold Reload

  • 13 August 2019
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i was using paypal for reload in my account
then i try use mastercard some times work some times failed so i msg support to solve the problem now i try reload with paypal like i used to do and it faild too now all my work stop
can some one answer me fast

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5 Replies

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You can contact zgold support and ask why your order was not finish or contact your bank and ask them why peyment was cancel. When you contact bank for sure they give info why your card payment have issue 🙂
My card work fine and i uaed today for book flight
Problem is from razer side and i on this problem from over than 1 week first was mastercard
Now paypal too stoped
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LIke i write contact one or both support from my post above. There can be a multiple diffrent issues there be possible from limit on web transaction to card provider was not supported etc so it's hard to figure it out from bank for sure you have all info you need to fix this. If this is let's say card issue is not supported they say you this or if this bank regulation changes or anything else they will have this on there own system. Razer gold support also will have info but at this point i will first contact to bank and ask about the transacation was daild and next when you have all the info you need decide what next or if you still have a issue contact razer zgold support and give info you can from bank and number of order zgold and for sure the issue will be fix at this point 😛
I hope i will so this and see
It work i charge 150 usd and stoped again
Any support on here can help me to finish this issue faster i on this problem from 2 weeks