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Devices not detected : synapse Version 3.7.1103110716 (date 20221108)

I'm facing an issue with my Razer devices.
Since the last update was released, no more device is detected by Synapse (Keyboard, Mouse and Headset)

I can see my devices in Windows, they are still working, but the setting is not applied as I can't see them in Synapse

I have tried to repair Synapse but it didn't change anything.
Does anyone have the same issue ?


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this fixed it for me
Okay, I found a fix elsewhere.

If you are playing or have played Valorant, there is a software called Riot Vanguard installed alongside it. Go uninstall it, then reinstall Synapse.

It also worked for me, thanks !! :)
But I didn't have to reinstall Synapse, just reboot my computer
Hi Guys, after a software update, the keyboard, mouse and headset were not recognised.
We have carried out the following and were able to solve the problem.
Download the Device Detection Troubleshoot Tool from the URL.
Download the Firmware Update Utility for your device from the URL.

Download Synapse3.

1. Update firmware your all device.
*Wireless mouse both dongle and cable connection
2. Clean install Synapse using the Device Detection Troubleshoot Tool.
3. Reboot, connect the device and update Synapse again.
4. Finally, reboot the PC .

This solved the problem for me.
That doesn't work if the Wireless Dongle can't be detected on the PC.
Rebooting the PC several times. Reinstalling the Synapse after their Driver Cleaner, and using Device Detection Tool - nothing works. The Firmware updater tool doesn't work because Windows 11 doesn't detect the Wireless Dongle. In short, the Viper V2 Pro only works in wired mode.

Sent for replacement in my region - tbh, the replacement company doesn't have a stellar record. Expecting disappointment this week.
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Hi Guys!

If you're still experiencing the same issue after the Synapse 3 update, gather the Synapse logs from your PC by following the steps here. Share it using Google Drive and PM me the link so I can start a case and raise your concern to the software team for further diagnosis.

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