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Hyperspeed and Core X Chroma connection issues

  • 26 October 2021
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A few years back I bought the Core X Chroma to enjoy the mobility of my laptop and the power of a real graphics card. I wanted the Core X Chroma specificly due to it's included gigabit ethernet and 4 usb 3.0 ports. Giving me a true one-cable plug and play experience. Initially I enjoyed the flexibility the eGPU gave me. But over time I started to run into some issues. Mainly USB related.

I found out that USB hubs on top of the core X chrome are not a big hit. They tend to deliver problems with usb devices that need an additional "umph" on top of their usual protocol/bandwith. I could live with that, but yesterday I got real depressed.

Since I moved on from my wired keyboard and mouse from razer to wireless ones with their hyperspeed protocol yesterday, I was highly excited until I noticed something disturbing. My Blackwidow V3 Mini keeps disconnecting briefly when running on the hyperspeed protocol. The light effect change, and sometimes a brief number of keypresses buffer before it reconnects and turns to it usual scheme. This is when the receiver is directly connected to the back of the Core X Chroma's usb ports. When connecting the keyboard over cable or bluetooth (also directly into the back of the Core or via usb hub) the connection is stable and no disconnects occur. I did some digging, and replaced some of the core's usb drives with original ones (besides the ones windows deliver), but that didn't seem to help. When plugging the receiver straight into my laptop, the connection is stable and I haven't noticed any disconnections thus far. It highly disturbes me than I cannot plug in additional razer peripherals into the back of the core, even though it's all the same brand, I expect a different kind of experience for that type of money.

Since I am not willing to let the one-cable plug and play experience sail (and I shouldn't have to), I am looking for a solution, especially when my naga pro is about to arrive which runs on the same protocol. Any ideas?

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