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Kraken V3 Pro – missing from Synapse 3 device list after period of inactivity

  • 20 January 2023
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Does anyone else have an issue with Synapse 3 not seeing your Kraken V3 Pro after a period of inactivity?

I have my headset configured to turn off after 15 minutes of inactivity. I always plug in the charging cable when it’s not in use. After about a day or so of disuse, I’ll unplug my headset from the charging cable and fire up Synapse 3; however, it is nowhere to be found in the Synapse device list. Note that it still connects to the dongle and the sound still works. However, it’s just simply gone from the Synapse device list.

Unplugging and re-plugging the USB dongle doesn’t help. The only way it shows up again in the Synapse device list is to reboot my computer. Not exactly an elegant solution IMO.

I’ve upgraded the headset and dongle with the latest firmware as of January, ’23, which solved a host of other problems that I won’t go into.

Any tips/tricks on getting Synapse to recognize my headset after waking it up would be greatly appreciated (without having to reboot!).


7 Replies

THIS PROBLEM DRIVES ME INSANE. I love this headset, but this behavior is infuriating- it HAS to be a bug, right? none of my other Razer devices do this!

Anyways, I’ve found that what always works for me is:

1. close synapse
2. unplug the dongle
3. power off the headset
4. plug the dongle back in
5. power the headset back on
6. re-open synapse

Truly enraging that it happens in the first place, but, yeah… this is a workaround until they figure it out. :(

I am having the same issue you pay 200 bucks and then the things dont work this is the nari ultimate's all over again this is the same thing that happened to the nari’s when they first came out i mean love the head set but for the money we pay for them razer needs to really step up there game and fix this its kind of ridicules  come on guys fix the issue and as for noisetank01 i tried the steps you gave me and the only way i found is to restart the desktop and turn it on but that still dont work they will pair for like 1 hour then you hear a beep the then poof goes the kraken out of synapse and then all over again with restarting the computer i just about to say for get razer all together and get diff ones

For real. It is infuriating. How do people live like this? Where’s the recall? Straight up. 

My headset doesn’t even have to go inactive.  Right in the middle of a video/music/game my headset will beep and then it vanishes from the synapse device list.  The headset continues to play at whatever settings it had but until reset no changes can be made.  Updated the firmware in both dongle and headset, also updated Synapse software, didn’t help one bit.

Same probleme here. :(

For the price paid for this headset this is frankly unacceptable.  30 seconds without sound and the synapse software loses sight of the headset.  Unplugging everything and closing and reopening the software or doing a system restart is not acceptable.  I’m ready to take this headset back and return to my old Logitech headset.  The fact that this thread was created over a year ago indicates Razer has no intention of fixing the issue.  Not what I’ve come to expect from the brand.

I’m having the same issues too now.  Mine just began this week .  I feel you .. about going back to LOGITECH.. never had any problems with their 30.00 usd headsets ever and they seem to last me for over years.. I should ha known better spending over 200.00 usd  on this  Kraken V3 Pro.  This headset is not even 1 year old either. I hope I can return back to Best Buy , but I doubt it.  oh well.. thanks again Razer for another lousy product , I will NOT SPEND ANOTHE DOLLAR WITH  RAZER..