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Plugged in, Not Charging

  • 16 April 2023
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Hi there,

The problem I'm having right now is that the computer won't charge. However, the LED indicator on the power supply is on. In other words, when the battery runs out, I can no longer turn on the computer and use it.

It is because when I connect the power supply to the computer, there is no response at all.


I heard someone said maybe the software(Windows 11) problems !

I have tried to delete and reinstall the batteries driver from the windows 11 system device, but it still can't solve the problem.

What should I do?


Attached is my laptop information.

Microsoft Windows 11 Home

version(10.0.22621 Build 22621)

Razer Blade 15 Advanced Model (Mid 2021)-RZ09-0409

Many Thanks



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I also got the same Problem for Razer Blade 17 late 2021 (RZ09-0406).

I try charge it with 65watt type c charger for few minute and somehow 230W charger working again.

My problem also occur in windows 11 then I try downgrading to win 10 the issue not comeback.

Still not sure it software Issue or hardware Issue.


Hoping for improvement, I am also back to Windows 10 (factory setting) with the image available from Razer.

It makes no difference at all except that I have invested a few hours of time. 

Same model (RZ09-0409) and having the same issues. 


All started around the time there was Synapse and Windows update this summer. About 2months after the 1yr warranty expired.


Went through all of the troubleshooting steps above as well as Razer support steps. Eventually paid for a diagnostic with them and they replaced the battery and sent it back.


Worked well for two days then I performed windows 10 updates to latest and within 24hr problem is back.


So I spent money on a new charger, diagnostic and battery....and it ain't working still. Glorified paper weight at this point. 


I emailed back support/RMA this point I'll be happy if they just reimburse me for the needless payments cause they don't seem to know what's wrong with their hardware considering how many threads I've found for this exact issue.

I have noticed if you let the laptop drain with the ac adaptor unplugged for a while then plug it in it will sometimes start charging but when it hits 98 or 100 it will stop charging

possibly a software issue like some weird interaction either with windows or synapse or the battery management checks 

Razer gave me feedback that it was probably a hardware problem and that I could send it in for repair.

(for money, of course)

I will not do that and so my Razer Blade is the last piece of hardware I bought from this company.

I am also having the issue with the same model not charging with the provided adapter anymore.

the issue does seem to happen when there is a synapse and windows update, usually will fix itself through multiple restarts and unplugging/plugging back in. no confirmed root cause of it though. will work completely fine for a few month then the issue reappears no sure if people are experiencing the same. 

As Peter961785 said, The on and off charging problem as I would like to call it happen randomly like every month.

One day the problem happens and the laptop starts acting up for days, And then one day the problem just fixes itself and the laptop charges just fine for weeks and then the problem reappears again and repeat.

I wish somebody had a definite answer on how to fix this issue


I recommend people that have an “on and off” charging issue to just leave the Razer Blade unplugged overnight and the plugged it again the next day.

it’s usually charged just fine for about a week (in my personal experience) before it starts to act up again, If that happens just repeat. IDK what the exact issue is tbh, But Razer seriously need to take a deep dive and fix this issue

I have the 2020 Model, And it’s infuriating when I see other people’s video online with the exact same problem with a later Blade model

I recommend people that have an “on and off” charging issue to just leave the Razer Blade unplugged overnight and the plugged it again the next day.

I have been struggling with the on/off problem for a year and a half. I have replaced my battery and adapter, done the discharge/recharge cycles, reset devices, fresh Windows install, etc., so many times with no consistent resolution. Then I tried what Crow_Calypso reocmmended -- turning it off, unplugging everything, and then letting it sit for an hour. Then plugging it back in and booting up. And it works again.