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Razer Blackshark v2 Pro 2023 - constant static noise

  • 29 November 2023
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I just purchased a Blackshark V2 Pro 2023. The headset has this constant low level static noise at all times from the ear cups. It’s not really noticeable if I’m listening to music or playing games. But if I’m listening to anything that doesn’t have constant sound like a podcast it’s very noticeable.


I have the latest firmware (Oct 17 2023) and I’ve messed about with all of the settings I can think of. If I can’t get this resolved I’ll likely be returning the headset.

23 Replies

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Just recieved mine and this is unacceptable for such an expensive headset. I don’t want to have a constant static noise when I wear the headset.

This is even with the microphone disconnected. Really poor quality here… I will return it if it is not fixed via firmware in the next coming days.

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Yeah I’m pretty disappointed. I did so much due diligence before I bought this thing too. I read and watched a whole bunch of reviews and even people who were only lukewarm on the headset didn’t mention this static issue. That makes me hopeful that it’s just an issue with a few units going out, and not every single one. Obviously I’ll be returning it if support can’t help me.

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No reviewers mention it is pretty messed up. It is either bought opinions or lousy testing - I can’t imagine it’s only affecting a few units, as it seems a “by design” thing. When there is a sound for the first time, the static turns on and it stays on. Tested on different pc’s, phones, lightspeed and bluetooth.

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yeah that’s been my experience as well. but I maybe it’s just our units not functioning correctly? it’s just such a glaring issue I can’t accept that it would be glossed over in a review

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Update. Got my replacement headset in the mail aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the white noise issue is still present. Honestly this is super disappointing. I really like this headset: the comfort is great, the range is huge, the battery life is eternal, the sound quality during music or games is phenomenal, and the mic is unparalleled. But this white noise / static issue is either a glaring design flaw or a huge manufacturing bug and frankly I think these things should be off the market until it’s resolved. I’ll be returning these and sticking with my original 3.5mm razer kraken.

Just got mine today and I have the same problem and I have stretched everywhere for a solution for the White Noise and is can't find anything about a fix. It's sad from Razer that they have this problem. 

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I hope this gets more traction and Razer does something about it. I will never trust any reviews ever again - how can this issue not be more talked about.

I had the 2020 version a week ago and swapped it for a 2023 because of the microphone. Now I have the same problem as you

The noise is audible from both sides, but it feels louder on the right side.

Any updates on this? like mine started just doing this static noise yesterday after 3 weaks of use

I got the same problem, I tried to configure it with every config possible and nothing helps.. 

Same problem, dont get it how no reviewers are talking about this issue. Going to have to return it

Same problem here

Yep, Me too

Same problem here, and a whole bunch of other ones too



Has there been any updates on this? I just opened my new Razer BlackShark V2  Pro headset and plugged it in and immediately got the white noise issue. Has there been anything that has worked to fix this? For a $200 headset i’m very shocked to instantly have issues with it. 

Same here. Bought it as a gift and we were pretty much disappointed. Returned it as it not acceptable at this price range. Unfortunate as it was good from all other aspects. 
Also funny how no reviewer mentions this. All bought?

So I had the same issue and turned down the volume dial on the headset it self and it seems to have fixed it. I had to turn it down to maybe close to 50% and the buzzing stopped. Hopefully that helps yall

I also have this issue, but it’s only coming from the left ear cup. Going to try RMA, but after reading these replies it makes me concerned that this is an issue on all models...

I had the same problem and had it replaced with a new one, but it was not resolved.

I am wondering if this is occurring with all of these products.
When I first play sound after connecting it, I hear noise, and even after disconnecting it, I continue to hear it until I turn off the power. It also occurs on multiple PCs and in different locations, and I assume that the noise is coming from the headset side as I can hear it even when the volume is set to 0.

It has been several months since the first post, but is there any further information on how to resolve the problem?

Hello, I have the same problem, my headphones produce a very quiet sound, similar to the sound of cheap headphones, it does not change depending on the volume, constant background noise, it just drives me crazy. I talked to support, they don't seem to care, and I also found a bunch of similar problems. This upset me very much, they cheated me out of money, plus I started getting headaches every day. I hate these headphones but I continue to use them because I need this microphone to work, it's literally torture from Razer.  Where is the public looking? This noise is damaging to your health! Why hasn’t the problem been solved for four years and no one cares?! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

I bought mine, and had this identical issue - a constant buzz in the left ear cup. It was so unbearable, that I had to RMA the unit - I received the replacement, and now this one too has the same issue. Stay away from this product, it  looks like it’s a faulty product line. Save yourself the headache!

I'm having the same static noise issue with the USB dongle!  Disappointingly, it seems like a common problem.  Several others have reported it, including @derFeef , @countyradioOldGold726 , and @sampire21 .

In my case, just unplugging and replugging the dongle seemed to fix it for now.  The static was more noticeable during quiet moments, similar to what @Iris_3142  mentioned.  It's frustrating that reviewers haven't mentioned this, like @feverbitFlattery839  and others pointed out.

I got this headset as a gift a month ago, so hopefully this temporary fix holds.  If not, I might have to RMA like some of you did, which is concerning since they had the same issue with the replacement.

Has anyone else found a lasting solution besides lowering the volume on the headset itself, like @Bebas_ suggested?