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Razer Central Not Allowing Login

Every time I try to login to the Razer Central application it says there was an unexpected error and to reload the page and try again. It did not do this with my laptop. I can login to the website but the app still shows this message, only on my new PC. I've reinstalled the application. This is to access the RGB Panel to light up my keyboard.

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Hi there! Let me help you out. Can you share a screenshot of the issue so we can take a closer look?
Hi there! Let me help you out. Can you share a screenshot of the issue so we can take a closer look?

Sorry, I work from when Razer support opens until after it closes, which is also something that's making this situation really frustrating. As of when I got home, the application will no longer open, so I can't take a screenshot at this time. I'll see about reinstalling the application again.

I reinstalled the application. It has been on both my SSD and Harddrive so it has nothing to do with where it was actually downloaded to.
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Thanks for the screenshot. Please PM me the build version of Synapse as well as the link to this thread. I'll pick it up from there.
Same here.Can share the solution? I keep having this pop up.
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Hi there! Have you tried doing a reinstall to see if it helps? Let me know through PM.
yeah, i have the same problem on my razer blade 15 2018 pls help
Same problem here too, re-installed all Razer applications

Edit: doesn't help
did that work?
same here.. Razer synapse (3.4.630.62510) and razer central ( stopped working after the last update.. same error as OP... reinstalled 2 times already.. no go.. (windows 10, 1903)
Same issue for me
same here. can't get it to login after the last update
@Razer.RedPanda is the service down or should we keep trying?
Same here. It's god damn raid night in 18 min and i cant play 😕
I'm having the same problem as OP as well with Razer Synapse. Restart and reinstall did not work.

Anyone wanna buy a blackwidow elite before I throw it out the window?
Now I know what they mean by: Maximize your unfair advantage with Razer Synapse 3! 😃 hehehe!
Why do we need to be logged in to even manage the lighting on a keyboard?? And why do you advertise on-device profiles without specifying they do not work without the software? Seems like information I'd like to have before paying 150 eu
I think it's problem from razer's site.
all my own settings on my razer tartarus v2 has now been reset, and cant even go in and change them, wtf
It's ludicrous that their software doesn't have offline mode. It should be basic feature
A little confused why I would have to "log in" to an app to change local device settings like lighting. Regardless, experiencing same issues with logging in.
Same problem here. It's incredibly frustrating that basic settings aren't stored locally. I also have a raid coming up and can't play if my mouse buttons don't work. :mad_:
Same problem here. Probably a problem on Razers end if we are all having this issue within this short time frame.
Found a "potential" workaround:

- Close Racer Central / Synapse in your Tray (bottom right)
- Pull your Ethernet Cable from your PC / Disable your Network adapter (aka no internet)
- Restart Razer Central / Synapse
- Input your old Account & PW
- Wait for succesful login
- Reconect Ethernet / Reactivate Network adapter

Just worked for me.