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Razer Kishi (USB-C) & iPhone 15

  • 14 September 2023
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Yeah thats already reported, but Kishi V2 Pro still not working, but on Razer Kishi v2 Pro support in FAQ have some info about iPhone 15 pro / pro max supporting:


"The Razer Kishi V2 Pro for Android is currently not compatible with iOS/iPhone 15 series. Gameplay functionality will be available in a future firmware update."


Thats a good, but no ETA and this info posted there like a from iPhone release, and no firmware update ATM :( 


Hope Razer team make that update soon

I just want to state, that I am extremely disappointed in the fact that Razer has not given an official statement on the matter. I paid almost 300$ CAD for the Kishi V2Pro in hopes it would enjoy the benefits of USB-C with the Iphone Pro Max 15 - To this day, no clear answer has been given, or even a beta build to try out. I try to stay loyal to the brand, but my kishi pro v2 has not been used even once.



The Kishi V2 Pro (Xbox) FAQ page states that a firmware update is coming for the iPhone 15, but I’d like to see an ETA.



The first brand who can make the touch button mapping work will have my money. Preferably I wish spend it on a Razer Kishi V2 Pro, but I will not be picky... Since the launch of the iPhone 15 we are waiting for a solution, and while the Kishi V2 does a job of acting as a controller, Nexus does not work and touch mapping does not work also… For me touch mapping is a must have on mobile gaming. I hope Razer wins this race soon… I want to buy my Kishi V2 Pro, or V3 whatever… just please make it work :)