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Razer Kraken Kitty Headset Keeps Disconnecting With Popping Noise??

  • 18 June 2022
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I have Razer Kraken Kitty Edition USB, they have been working fine for 10 months but in May of 2022 they started to disconnect and reconnect when I move my head even slightly left, right or up. The headset makes a pop sound before disconnecting and then another pop sound before reconnecting, this takes around 4 secs, it also makes a small lag when this happens.

It has started to get very annoying as it happens all the time no matter what I am doing, even worse when trying to speak to friends in a party or watch a YouTube video. Is this a problem with the headset itself or the drivers? I have tried unplugging the headset from the USB port in my gaming laptop but to no avail. If you could help this would be much appreciated, I spent a lot of money on this headset and I love it, it would be a shame to have to buy another one just because of this fault.

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I am also having this issue and its by far, one of the most common problems that this headset has.
I got my headset 2 years ago for my birthday and the headset worked fine for 3 or 4 months, then it started to disconnect and reconnect.
When it disconnects, it creates a popping sound, cuts all audio off, freezes my PC and then reconnects.
Once the headset died the 1st time, i thought it was a cable problem and tossed them away for 2 years until a friend of mine told me that its a software or hardware problem that she fixes by uninstalling synapse and all of its files. Then reinstalling.
Things i have tried:

Uninstalling and reinstalling Razer synapse and all files (this solved the issue but very temporary)

Unplugging and replugging (this sometimes fixes it, sometimes it doesnt.)

Repairing synapse (This surprisingly worked and didnt give me any issues for a week and then a new windows update and synapse update happened resulting in headset breaking again)

Repairing synapse again many times (no, this just didnt fix it anymore.)

Changing USB ports (sometimes causes the issue to happen too many times or too little but still happens.)

Uninstalled Synapse and deleted all files in C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Razer and C:\\ProgramData\\Razer directories. 2. Uninstalled mouse and keyboard drivers 3. Reinstalled Synapse and restarted PC. 4. Added Synapse to my firewall exemptions and updated my .NET Framework (was already updated) 5. Created a dummy account to test it before logging in with my main account to observe. (No this didn't fix it at all.)

Updated USB drivers (didnt fix it)

Went into USB Input Device properties and ticked off "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power (Didn't fix it)

Updated USB Root Hubs (Didnt work)

Wiggled my headset cable everywhere

Uninstalled all Headset drivers

Logged out of Synapse (This completely fixes the problem, but results in poor audio quality and mic quality due to missing fancy Synapse settings.)

Razer support is probably and by far one of the worst things to ever possibly exist. I tried contacting them for many many days but to no avail. All they send are automated random messages.
I need a human razer worker to talk to me on this.
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Hey guys! This is highly likely a software issue. Can you PM me the version of the Synapse application you're using? I will start a case and forward it to the Software Team so they can have a look at the audio issue. Please include the serial number of your headsets so I can validate their model specifications.

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