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so my pc really lags

  • 26 December 2022
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so few days ago i started to use razer cortex for running valorant in my pc and i started optimizing my pc but i didnt find it efficient enough so i went to delete it but after i deleted razer cortex my game became even laggier. my whole pc starts to lag even after my game is out of focus and it keeps lagging when the game starts. so is there anything wrong that i have done after uninstalling my software? i tried to reinstall the game and still it doesnt work. earlier before use or razer cortex i used to get around 20-25 fps and after the deletion i barely get 10 fps. pls help me with this problem.

27 Replies

hello ull ther?

i want my solution for problem fast

have ull quitted for having an annoying customer😕
I am sorry to reply to you late. After my new year holiday, I saw your second post. I reply to you there.