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The mouse wheel has started to lag, what should I do?

  • 7 December 2023
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I bought the Razer Viper Ultimate wireless gaming mouse with charging dock about a year ago in Poland from Now, surprisingly, it starts to lag when I try to scroll down or up. It looks like the wheel has a problem and I want to replace it. Is it possible to do this in Montreal, Canada?

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Hello JADEsharpDeepLemon983,

To isolate the problem, you can try to use a can of compressed air to gently blow away dirt under the affected button(s). Dirt, dust, or small debris are known to cause the issue that you are experiencing. Please also check if the issue happens while the Razer Synapse is closed or disabled? Please PM me your device serial number and fill in the following so I can initiate a ticket on your behalf and check for replacement options.

Full name: 
Mobile/Phone Number:
Street Address:
Postal/ZIP Code:
Proof of purchase. Please save the shareable files via any online drive account listed here.

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