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what the purpose of on board memory

  • 20 March 2023
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while the software is  closed  you couldn’t use your saved profiles  till you relaunch the synaps ? LUL

for example my scr lk I change it to launching the synaps software “ on board memory “ if I closed the synaps I couldn’t launch it while using on board memoy

and on my naga pro v2 I can’t even save or use any profile but the default

“ and don’t tell my to change the product I choose what I prefer not what you tell me to “ you promoted that you could use on board memory and there is switch for that purpose “ profile  button on the bottom of  the  mouse

and there is third problem when I switch my naga pro v2 to bluetooth mode for other device and switch back to 2.4hz I couldn’t use synaps till I closed and relaunch it again 


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