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Worst update ever!

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After last Synapse 3 update the crap always start on desktop even though i said in settings i should start minimized. Program restarts color cycles every few min and worst of all Chroma studio is so laggy i might be able to change setting for one device before i have to close the window. For gods sake make a rollback until you get all problems sorted. I currently have 4 devices connected to Synapse and wont spend money on anything new until you fix these problems. Feels like i should gone for Corsair instead, it works flawless compared to Razer!

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Same thing , so annoying !
same thing happening here!!!!
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The same for me 😛
The same for me. 😕
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In difrent topic have info that fix will be avalible later this week. For now the best will be wait and update.
Same here, reported this to support and they seem clueless.
i cant even login to my razerid to my synapse 3.. hence i cant do anything with my brand new mouse.. Thanks Razer
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FWIW, the entire suite of Razer products updated for me this AM - I'd noticed the chroma effects restarting when A) softminer was refreshed and 😎 just generally all the dang time. The softminer bit is def fixed, though i've not had the opportunity to observe the general/random chroma crashes/restarts. Cautiously optimistic...
same here cant login anoyinggggg
Hi everyone! If you are still having the same issues with your Razer Synapse app, please send us a PM together with the exact details of your issue. Kindly include the Synapse Logs (To get the Synapse logs, download the installer here). Provide us the link where we can get the logs. You can upload the files on your cloud-storage site and we will just download it.

Make sure to include the link of this thread. We'll be waiting.

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