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Apple customers value is zero. I was a supporter of Razer.

  • 7 April 2022
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In the past years I purchased many Razer items. n.5/6 Naga, Headsets, keyboard, mousepad.
I will not do that anymore.
Why that?

Because the money I spent now worth 0€.

Razer decided to do not develop any Razer Synapse for mac users anymore. I bought my mice before that, and now those are not usable anymore. On New macs, old Synapse 2.0 doesn't recognise the devices. This means are not usable anymore.

I Promptly changed all of my amazon reviews from 5* with many compliments to 1*.
If you do not value the customers paid you and help to increase your sales (in the past I basically forced everybody to move from Logitech and Corsair to Razer), you don't deserve our money.

following one of my amazon newly updated 1* review

I loved Razer, even if they had problems.
I really loved Razer so much in the last 15 years. Now I will change and move on.

*for those who comment about playing on mac, you know is my choice and I like it. And before more related comments I add again: when I made my purchase it was written "working with Macs".

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when I made my purchase it was written "working with Macs".

Technically it's true, because it's working like a generic mouse.

But you won't have any additional functions on mac like dpi change, chroma color change, keybinds etc, because there's no Synapse 3 on mac (which is a thing, which I don't understand, why they left macOS support).

You can try to use 3rd party tools like Razer macOS: but still it doesn't offer full Synapse functionality.
Thank for your reply.

If I buy a car and it is technically working because I can drive, but I paid for breaks and are not usable anymore, lights not working, doors not opening, well then is not working anymore for the original purchase purpose, isn't it?

Regarding your second point I agree, there are some 3rd party tools and can help you decide which lights turn on or which colour. Honestly I always thought RGB is something very useless, It looks definitely cooler, but I can't use the basic most important features, such as macros for all the buttons present in my original purchase.

The macros feature is the major feature of this mouse, not a secondary feature such as rgb.

Anyway thank you again for your reply.
Hello Victor,
Thanks for your opinion but I seriously don't understand how can you link to the subject. It is a bit off topic. I seriously don't understand all of this anger.

Short out of topic:
If you are interested knowing my experience, I bought my Macbook pro 13 in February 2014. It is still working now and I would say almost perfectly after 8 years. I had a screen problem, probably caused by myself, and apple covered during the second warranty year, without asking anything. I was even studying abroad.

The only problem I faced recently is the battery, not holding charge anymore, but probably due to the strong usage.This happened during last 2 years almost. For anything else no problem at all. I paid, if I remember, about €1650. I can still sell it, at least here in Italy, for a price range from 600-800€. This means I paid for 8 years 125€/year. I think it worth it till now. But this could be, maybe, just my experience. Compared to a friend of mine who purchased a Dell, high spec laptop in the same period. He paid, if I remember, roughly 1000€. It almost died and not being usable already 2 years ago. Definitely cannot be sold, so basically my friend spent 165€/y compared to me.

For any other comment I would like to ask you to stay on the topic. I should be able to choose whatever I want to use, but if you purchase a "supported" or "work with mac" product, I except the selling company fulfil their duties.

In this case, Razer does't care about Apple customer at all. Not speaking about new one, but old PAYING customers.

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Peoples opinion matter.
not every brand is perfect, they have their ups and downs.

RAZER is a company that build pc peripherals and other electronics; and specifically for "gaming", that is what RAZER Synapse 3.0 peripheral is focusing on.

Comparing MacOS vs Windows, Windows support more games than MacOS.
Apple has become flexible, but not as much as Windows.

I see Apple PCs as an individual / office workstation than a Gaming battlestation. Unless you install Windows on Apple then it changes the concept.

Using Synapse 3.0 RAZER peripheral on office places on Apple MacOS or iOS, it loses its style and RAZER's vision.

Let us talk about Logitech vs RAZER~~~

Logitech peripherals are compatible with Apple, but does Logitech build gaming laptops?
I see Logitech as a company that focus on "flexibility" rather than the sole purpose of "gaming"

Even motherboard manufacturers, GIGABYTE Aorus vs ASUS ROG~~~

They have their differences; many love ASUS ROG because the aura sync RGB app feature is cool and it gives flexibility of colour synchronisation with other RGB apps. Where as, GIGABYTE RGB fusion is terrible, but GIGABYTE has the record of best gaming performance stability.

I have chosen GIGABYTE because of its reputation of best gaming performance stability.

Flexibility or Gaming?
RGB sync or Performance?

Your choice
Who knows, RAZER might flex things out~~
Dear Sye,

I 'm sorry to say that I honestly think your answer is complete out of topic.
The problem is this: I spent money on a product meant to be usable on mac and now is not anymore.

I'm not speaking about any future possible choices, definitely I'm going to another direction.