Can not login in Synapse 3 and the RGB is basically useless -_- | Razer Insider

Can not login in Synapse 3 and the RGB is basically useless -_-

yesterday I updated my synapse because it prompted me. After the update I can not login anymore in synapse making my blackwidow v2 and Goliathus extended's RGB lighting to be useless AF 😞

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Having that problem now. Of course Razer is zero help with the program they developed. If you can't offer people a program that allows people to use it without signing in then don't have such a program. This Synapse garbage has made my Huntsman Elite and Naga Trinity. If this goes on I want my money back for these as they're not fit to sell and I'll just go and buy products from another company.
same issue here.... yesterday working, today stop working and razer 3 synapse won't login... but razer 2 synapse yes.. I have to use 2 software for two different razer device... this sucks!
Well.. I think i have a solution.
At least it worked for me.
1) Download First
2) Login with your Razer ID
3) Open Razer Synapse 3 and it will automatically login...

I hope i helped you...
it magically resolved itself, with no action on my part.... sketchy
This low quality software failed again ... Without being logged in, this hardware is not worth anything. And more and more often software fails to log in 😕 server down or whatever other reason... I dont care... Very low - Razer 😞
not working for me either. this garbage software developers starting to piss me off, i hope they will at some point in time, go bankrupt.
you might want to try these steps i gotten from support previously and see if it helps.

1. Uninstall Synapse and delete all files in C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Razer and C:\\ProgramData\\Razer directories. These folders are hidden by default, so please be sure to unhide them.
2. Uninstall Razer drivers by going to "Device Manager" from Control Panel.
3. Press Windows + X, and choose Command Prompt in the menu.
4. Type regedit in the command prompt window and press enter.
5. Please go to this path and check if you have it:
*Please delete everything that's in the Razer folder. Please reinstall Synapse after deleting all the files inside the Razer folder
6. Download a fresh installer and reinstall then restart your PC.
that's not working 😑
fixed mine already! just signed up for the windows insider (get the latest updates of windows) and updated it the everything went back to normal :)