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Chroma can not control individual motherboard LEDs

  • 1 March 2020
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I have the MSI 270 pro motherboard which offers a varity of LEDs, however Chroma can only send one color signal to the motherboard. (Mystic Light sync on)
Individual lights can not be controlled by Chroma.

I wanted to ask if this is a known issue or if there is any workarround

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3 Replies

is this forum dead?
Nope aber ich glaube, es kann dir keiner eine genaue Antwort zu sagen. Vermutlich weil keiner ein MSI Board mit Razer Chroma steuert. Ist es den in der Liste für "Kompatibel mit Chroma"?

Nope but I don't think anyone can tell you an exact answer. Probably because no one controls an MSI board with Razer Chroma. Is it the one in the list for "Compatible with Chroma"?
Yes, of course mystic light is compatible with Chroma.

Everyone controls his MSI board with mystic light and you can sync it with Synapse.

However, I was asking about Synapse controlling the individual RGB lights on mobos because there are more then 1 LED available. For example you cant use wave effects because all LEDs change their color together and not in a wave, so you end up with a laggy spectrum cycling