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Chroma Studio and headset settings randomly stop

  • 2 January 2020
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I've been having this annoying problem with Razer Synapse that as far as I'm concerned has no specific trigger.

The Chroma studio and access to my headset settings randomly just stop working. The lights just stop in their place from moving on my keyboard for example if I have the wave effect on and no light will change unless I fully restart the razer synapse. At the same time, it wont let me get into my headset settings because it shows the icon of the circle loading even tho I've had my headset on for hours. Also my headset settings won't be loaded a lot of the time until I go into the headset settings or open a random program like discord or a game which changes between stereo and surround.. Even tho in the settings it shows that 90% of my programs are on stereo..

If anyone knows how to fix this weird stuff.. Would be real helpful!

P.S: No I don't have them set in Chroma Studio to work only after specific commands, but rather that they would work at all times.

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1 Reply

I got the same thing. Chroma randomly stop working. BW v2 + naga chroma