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Gaming mode no longer an option?

  • 1 June 2019
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I have the latest Synapse and noticed the gaming option under performance mode is missing. I can only choose between default and custom. My 3DMark Time Spy score dropped around 400 points when I use custom mode at high settings. Gaming performance mode had better results by far. Is there a way to revert back to have the gaming performance mode?

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I’m not sure about your previous gaming mode setting, on 2018 model it was automatically OC the gpu by +100 core +300 memory. Try to check it via afterburner and check memory and core tab when you using that costum profile. Probably there’s no OC, so maybe you’ve to do it manually to increase the performance.
This’s what I’m talking about (2018 advanced 1070)

If you’ve HWinfo64 can you also upload sensor screenshot on mid area after like running 3Dmark, I’m curious as well with power setting from cpu and gpu (tdp, undervolte etc), no need to show left areas where cores temperature is shown.