hi to everyone..i am new (again..::)..) and i have a question.. | Razer Insider

hi to everyone..i am new (again..::)..) and i have a question..

  • 10 March 2019
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ciao a tutti .

i am new here and i am a fresh owner of a blade rtx. once i enter in windows 10 the pc ask me to register/connect (if i am already registered) into Synapse software.what i want to ask is :

- can i use the same user and password of my Razer id or must i use a totally new user and password?

ciao again,thank you very much in advance and...."no green = no life!"..:)

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5 Replies

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When you log into Synapse you use your email address and a password, you don't have a username.
thank you very much!m for your reply so..it means that i can use the same of my Razer id..right?
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Yes after you've logged into synapse, your username should be the same as the one you have here on insider.
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In short your razer id is a global account for all razer softwere and website. This account you can use in synapse, cortex, insader or etc.
thanks guys...finally my mind starts to have a more clear comprehensive overview!!!