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How to manage macros?

  • 30 March 2021
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Hi, I am new to razer. I been using a Logitech G13, KB and Mouse forever but the G13 is dying. So now I have a Tartarus Pro, BWEK and will be getting a Razer Basilisk mouse soon.

Logitech software; macros are link to their game profile. You create a new game profile you get a new set of blank macros. I can't seem to get the a new set of macros for another game profile. I don't want to scroll through a long list with every macros I've created. I know Synapse has a bad reputation when compare to Logitech software but it can't be that you can't save macros to a profile.

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In Synapse you create macros, and they're available globally.
On new profile you just have to select a macro, that you want to assign to a key.